Sex In Las Vegas


It’s here…

After over 2 years of thought and requests, I have decided to unlock the secret code to creating a SUPER-HORNY wife in a live seminar setting.

The challenges I have always faced are how to cover the material in a setting that is safe and conducive to open discussion. My answer…

Vegas baby!

More importantly, I didn’t want a large seminar where some guys might feel left out or uncomfortable. Therefore, I am limiting the number of participants to my private suite and for a VERY limited number of guests.

Your sex life is about to take a quantum leap forward. If you’ve read my blog or my book, you know I am a no-nonsense expert at transforming an average or frumpy wife into a smokin’ hot vixen.

This workshop will be VERY exclusive. It will NOT have hundreds of attendees or be a “motivational” seminar in any way. In fact, I will probably limit the number to less than 20. My goal is to give you a chance to meet me, go over the process and learn how to PRECISELY and methodically transform your sex life.

Where else can you do this besides Las Vegas?! Click here to learn more now.

UPDATE: The sex workshop was a HUGE success! I am busy planning next years workshop and would appreciate your input. If you attended, shoot me some suggestions. If you missed it, let me know when is a good weekend for you in early 2010.

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