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How To Get My Wife to Dress SEXY


If you want your wife or girlfriend to dress sexy, it is definitely THE season to plant the right seeds to get her to feel sexy, dress sexy, act sexy and give you more sexy…(Thanks Borat)

With Halloween fast approaching, now is the PERFECT time to get a shy or reluctant woman to see what it feels like to put on your fantasy outfit. Keep in mind the bottom line for any woman is that deep down inside, she wants to feel sexy. Weight, age, gravity and the economy are all great excuses for not wanting to dress sexy or naughty…forget about it! You are a man and you LIKE sexy outfits! Don’t let her embarrassment or shyness hinder your fantasy! Below are a few tips to insure you don’t push the idea too hard or too fast.

  • Don’t start out by buying the French Maid outfit and expect her to be your personal love slave. Most women need to feel valued before they can let their hair down or be your personal whore.
  • Use the upcoming Halloween holiday to introduce a non-threatening character or image. Short, personal and quiet hints as to what HER fantasy is a great start.
  • Go online and look around at the different options available. Many of the costumes are modeled by 6′ 2″ woman who weigh 92 pounds. She will see that. Remind her that no matter what her size, you find her hot and want to see her in it.
  • Go to a Halloween store and let her try on a few outfits. If she won’t come out, go in back with her. If she is still too shy to wear it in public, suggest a private “trick or treat”.

By using the holiday and a public venue to showcase your hottie, you are well on your way to increased role play in the bedroom. You will win regardless because:

  1. She will get in the spirit and put on your favorite costume and delight you for hours with her new personality.
  2. She won’t be caught dead in public but agrees to wear it for you in private.
  3. She won’t wear it in public OR in private, but understands your need for something new and you two can come up with some new role play ideas that she will enjoy.

Have fun and focus on those treats more than the tricks, unless she’s wearing the hooker outfit, then an equal amount of “tricks” is permissible. For more ideas on creating a smokin’ hot wife, and creating a sexually-charged romance, visit www.makeyourwifehot.com today!

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