Older Man Younger Woman Relationship


C’mon guys, if you are in the midlife zone, you know you have thoughts of younger women. There is no shame in knowing what you want and being upfront about it.

We are men and we are visual, predatory creatures. Yes?

Just don’t let nature make you look ridiculous.

I am reminded of a joke from Dave Barry’s book, Dave Barry Turns 40.

“Does that mean, as an aging person, you’re no longer capable of feeling lust that you felt as an 18 year old? “Not at all. You’re attracted just as strongly as ever were to 18 year olds! The problem is that everybody your own age seems repulsive.”

Sociology be damned! Man has created so many social rules that trying to figure out where God, the church, evolution, monogamy, love, lust and propagating the species all fit together is maddening.

Let’s focus on one issue at a time. Maybe by the year 2035 it will all come together, just in time for my application to a nursing home.

Age differential is currently an up and coming topic. With Courtney Cox debuting with Cougar Town and Mel Gibson’s divorce and remarriage to a girl ½ his age, it seems as though age differential is becoming more popular.

In fact, for MOST of human history, older men always coveted and wed younger women. The concept of having a woman your own age was actually less popular then, than it is today. Why is it more acceptable for older men to be with younger women? By younger, I am referring to guys in their 50’s and 60’s with women in their 30’s. “Daddy” syndrome is not to be confused with “Grandpa” syndrome. If a guy has a girl that looks like she could be her daughter, it catches our attention. If she looks like she could be his granddaughter, its disgusting.

There are two sides to this coin, of course; a woman’s perspective and a man’s.

Let’s begin with women.

If a woman is unappealing, a man does not necessarily want to breed with her. Attractive women guarantee the continuation of our species. There…lesson over.

Don’t send me emails talking about how insensitive I am or how hot women with big boobs are superficial. Leave your master’s degree at home, put on some heels and a short skirt and free yourself, ladies! Just because you are hot does not equate to being ignorant!

The most attractive woman is a CONFIDENT woman who knows what she wants, is smart, witty, sexy and fun. Isn’t that what YOU want in a man?

The difference is in the game of reproduction, a species, courting, displays of attraction and mating are always primary to act of reproduction. You can’t get to ‘know’ someone if you don’t see them first. Men are visual creatures. A woman who has large breasts signifies that she is able to bear children (See how ignorant WE are? Our libidos aren’t hip to plastic surgery!). Men, like most drones, are built for providing the necessary seed to reproduce. Women are given all the nurturing tools (breasts and a heart) in order to raise offspring properly. Our roles as men have always been simple, clear and short-lived.

Men have an advantage in this arena.

Men can be physically attractive and that quality guarantees good genes to be passed down to the offspring. However, since women crave security as much or MORE than producing healthy children, a modern man who is older but more secure gives the same benefit (Bonus if he is attractive).rich guy young woman

If he is unattractive, the woman is labeled a gold digger and the man is labeled “rich.”

Women are starting to confidently enter this arena (Ashton and Demi, for example) but it is not the same thing. You don’t see Judi Dench with a young, hot guy. Older woman/younger man scenarios may be more common place today, but the women are nearly always attractive. It is a double-standard.

Hey, I didn’t make the rules, but I understand them.

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I found this ad today…the imagery caused me to post this blog. Look carefully. Who is the senior in this picture? If you are a senior citizen, what do YOU see?