Why Being Bad is Good


Why is it that we want a “good” girl in public? You know, the one you can bring home to mom, raise the kids, drive ’em to soccer and attend PTA meetings. But, in private we want a “bad” girl?

Are we asking too much to want a polished, proper, loyal and stable wife for our public lives and a naughty, private whore in the bedroom? Some people profess to ‘want it all’ and spend their entire lives in pursuit of the elusive “perfect mate.” Here’s the ugly truth…

No such person exists!

Deep down inside everyone knows it, of course. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the core personality traits of that perfect mom don’t apply to the free-spirited, short-skirt, nymphomaniac who seduces you in the car after dropping the kids off at school.

If you need proof, all you need to do is watch an episode of the classic Star Trek series,

The Enemy Within:
-Premise: A transporter malfunction splits Kirk into two versions of himself- one calm and intellectual, the other raging and emotional.

Furthermore, the calm and intellectual version has ZERO libido and can’t make any decisions. The emotional one is a walking hard-on and has no discipline. Sound familiar? Do your thoughts betray you?

Of course every man and woman has a combination of these qualities. We use them for work, play and social interaction. Being “bad” can be tempered with sensibility and decorum. Similarly, “good” girls can be encouraged, educated and even trained to pull out the naughty qualities that are within themselves.

So there you have it. If you married a slut, chances are she’s cheated on you and you’re either going to deal with it or move on to sweet-polly-purebred for your next girl. Or, perhaps you’ve acquired the necessary attitude and skills to harness that pony and keep her loyal to you. My cuckold friends, of course, laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and ENCOURAGE their women to bring home an occasional additional lover. Nothing can turn him on more than to watch his wife in a live porn show!

On the other side of the coin, what if you selected that “I’d like to bring you home to meet my parents” type of girl. If you chose well for breeding and family life, you may have done well for those duties, but what about the “bad” girl? Is is possible to transform that perfect, Mother of the Year role model into a dual-role bed warmer?


Readers of my blog and book understand that it is up to us, the man of the house to treat our women with respect, adoration and understanding…without exception. Additionally, once you have mastered the sincere gratitude of your wife, you must also be 100% open and honest with your desires for the private, naughty, and steamy stuff you want.

Here’s another analogy from a completely different industry:

1. You go to a bank and make a deposit of $1,000. The next day you want to withdraw $50,000. The banker laughs at your lack of simple math skills. Game over.

2. You deposit $1,000 per day for 30 days. You earn interest on your money. You visit that bank every day. They know your name. You bring them a small gift every once in a while. You listen to the teller’s story. At the end of the month you make a simple withdraw of $$2,000. You do this consistently and with sincerity for over a year. You’ve accumulated over $340,000 plus interest and the tellers think you are the greatest. You then ask the cutest teller to give you a blow job in the walk-in safe.

No…wait a minute, that last metaphor was meant for your wife!

You see, most men think that a bouquet of flowers or doing the dishes once in a while is “payment” for a romp in the hay. While that may work short term, imagine what kind of leverage and influence you would have if you REALLY were prince charming?

By making consistent deposits in your wife’s emotional bank account (Details in my book) you are able to create tremendous withdraws for taking her to strip clubs, buying her a nurse’s outfit, and slowly and carefully opening up her naughty side for your mutual pleasure. Like any worthwhile investment, it takes time, patience and some open manipulation.

Your wife CAN be a bad girl…and that’s good!


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