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Your Wife Doesn’t Want You


Oh sure, she says, “I love you.” In fact, she even packs your lunch every day. The list of ways she SHOWS you she loves you is actually endless. Her attention to the kids, her support of your stressful job and her words all affirm a woman who is devoted and loving.

She just doesn’t want to bang you.

The good news is that it’s your fault, buster!

You see, marriages and women are not boring as a category. PEOPLE become boring and don’t solve their issues properly. Left to themselves, things have a tendency to go from bad to worse. When something is making you unhappy, for example — for any reason — the situation will tend to get worse rather than better.

So avoid the temptation to engage in denial, to pretend that relationship is “adequate”, to hope and pray that, next month, she’ll be less stressed and your sex life will improve. Because it won’t. Ultimately, you will have to face the situation and do something about it.

Start today.

There’s an old saying that you can’t solve a problem on the level where you meet it — in other words, that wrestling with a challenge is usually fruitless and frustrating. If the two of you who are constantly fighting (or worse…ignoring the absence of passion) and can’t seem to move to the next level, you are attempting to solve their problems on the wrong level.

Dealing with their problems on a higher level, you should ask the question, “In terms of being happy, is this the right relationship for us in the first place?” This is a scary question to ask a woman because her #1 need is for security. But if you are brave enough to ask it in the first place, you are starting with a clean slate.

Ask the question of yourself first, her second. When you ask it, don’t answer it immediately. Be sure to reflect upon your core needs. What do you want? What do you expect? When you have those answers, before you give her your list, you better ask her for HER list! You can’t expect to get if you don’t give first.

You may discover that she doesn’t ‘want’ you because you aren’t giving her a reason to.

By becoming the prince charming she truly desires, you will open her up emotionally and physically to desiring you sexually.

Think, reflect, improve.

For more details on becoming the husband, friend and lover of HER dreams, read my book, “Make Your Wife Hot.” You’ll discover that creating a trophy wife that is a sex-crazed lover is easier than you think. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married or how overweight she may be. She WANTS to be your sexual playmate. It is up to you to guide her.

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  • ciudadana del mundo Says:

    the great majority of men don?t know how to express himselves, so it is the biggest problem.
    They are acting very strangely along a week but they can?t say what is the really problem! Then, we (women)begin to acting strangely too becouse we don?t know what?s the problem. Finally they think that we are unemotional but the really problem is their previous behavior…

    (I don?t speak english very well so sorry if I made any mistake)

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