7 Orgasm Facts You Didn’t Know


The mystery of the orgasm never ceases to be a topic of interest. Even if you are clinical enough to research the definition, explanation or chemical function of the orgasm, you will probably come back to how it applies to you (pun intended). Of course, muscular contraction and increased blood flow are notable physiological clues to having an orgasm. The fluid released in both male and females is a physical reminder of the climax itself. But what about the untold facts? Are you curious about the speed of sperm? Do you wonder who has had the most documented number of multiple orgasms? Continue on, dear reader, and you can fill your head (another pun) with more useless facts that will make you the hit at your next cocktail party (pun #3).

  • When a man orgasms, the volume of semen is approximately 10 cubic centimeters. During his lifetime, this equates to approximately 14 gallons. If you masturbate more than once per day (It’s OK. The economy was slow and you were out of work) this could increase to more than 20 gallons. Yum.
  • You may know about the G spot (Click on my other posts on the details of stimulating this special patch of powerful nerve receptors). Did you realize that men also have a G spot? In fact, there are three areas in men that resemble the G spot in a woman. They are called frenulum, perineum and the prostate gland.  Careful ladies…most men need a stiff drink before you experiment in there!
  • Ask a man when the appropriate time for an orgasm is and the most common answer is “now.” For women, many refuse or avoid sex during their period. Something about messy sheets resembling a murder scene gives them the creeps. Only the pre-med students know that the increased blood circulation around the groin actually increases orgasm pleasure. Get a towel and turn off the lights!
  • According to the Kinsey report, the average speed of male ejaculate is 28 mph. While this is faster than Carl Lewis, it is still not as fast as a cheetah. The sperm of course, don’t travel that fast on their own. In a single hour they may only travel 4 to 5 inches. Of course 3 to 4 inches for those little guys equals is equivalent to an ironman competition for you or me. No wonder most of them die.
  • Your last breath may not be your last action. If the sacral nerves in the spinal cord are oxygenated and stimulated, then there isn’t any reason why a dead person can’t climax. I am not sure if there is any benefit to this, because neither party would truly enjoy it, unless one of you are into necrophilia.
  • A woman’s influence on the male orgasm is powerful. Research has shown that the more “vocal” women create orgasms in their male partners on a more consistent basis. On average male’s orgasm 59 percent of the time while their partner is screaming in ecstasy, and only 2 percent of the time while she’s lying on her back organizing her shopping list in her head.

  • Many women are capable of multiple orgasms. The most female orgasms recorded by Dr. William Hartman and Dr. Marilyn Fithian. The world record was 134 orgasms in a single hour or more than 2 per minute. What makes this feat even more amazing is that she was alone, in a doctor’s office with these two scientists watching her every move. I guess there is a job for everything.

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In the end, everyone wins!!!

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