How to Make My Wife Scream


Making your wife scream comes in two flavors; ecstasy or anger. The gradual climb from pre-orgasm to orgasm or the “I can’t believe you (fill in the blank)”.

Let’s focus on the former.

Many women are often soft and subtle about their vocalization of sex. Maybe you have a moaner or a woman who enjoys sex, but doesn’t shout, scream, or dig her nails into your back. She’s happy, content and even sexually satisfied.

Every once in a while, you just want a freak in bed.

The overall foundation for hitting this level of sex is going to be communication. You must let her KNOW that you love her, respect her and worship her. Failure to let her know this by word, deed, and feelings is a non-starter. A safe and secure household makes all the difference. Be sure to instill that secure feeling daily.

You are not complaining, mind you. You just crave the variety and excitement that you used to have. Below are 3 strategies to rekindle your passion, fill her with unbridled lust, and buying a set of ear plugs for the kids.

1. Set a good example. 90% of porn shows the WOMAN being vocal and writhing in ecstasy as the man proudly satisfies her. The next time you are making love, work on a simultaneous orgasm. Reading her body and her ascension to climax you should be able to work up enough pace, penetration or fantasy to climax at the same time. When you do this, give her a Tarzan yell or scream. By sharing your euphoria vocally, you let her know how good a job SHE did in driving you wild. By doing this during a simultaneous orgasm, your chances of getting her to scream increase.

2. Get her to reveal her deepest, naughtiest fantasy. You may need a bottle of wine or a night with the Chipendales to pull this out of her, but don’t worry, she’s going home with you. The more you can get her to open up her mind, the better chances you have of opening up her vocal chords. Fulfill her fantasy whatever it is. (Unless farm animals are involved) If it involves Bruce from the last bachelorette party, buy her a private dance and get over it. People can visualize fantasies and create physical and chemical reactions in their bodies that are IDENTICAL to the reaction they would have with the real thing. (Example: crying at a movie or reliving a past event)

3. Ask her to scream. Duh. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Let her know that one of YOUR fantasies and/or desires is for your sex lives to be so uncontrollable that she screams bloody murder as you pump her like there is no tomorrow. Simply letting her know what turns you on, may be enough for her to try this “new” thing! As always, variety is the spice of life, so keep being creative.

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Make her tingle, scream, and cream with delight


Here is a tip to make YOUR wife hot that not only is guaranteed to work, but has a long lasting effect and will make YOU the envy of all your friends.

When you go out in public, attend a party, or are in any kind of social situation, be sure to compliment your wife and tell her how beautiful, caring, or special she is. The MAIN thing is NOT to direct your comments or observations to her but in FRONT of her!

Two nights ago, I went out to dinner with some friends and I took special care to tell my friends how much fun my wife was and how lucky I was to be her man. When you tell the world about your hot wife, she may dismiss your comments as boyish charm, or flat out lies…don’t be fooled. ANYBODY appreciates being spoken of in a good light. You must be genuine and your comments should be specific. General flattery can come off as insincere. “My wife, Susan, is the best mother in the world….I owe the success of my kids to her hard work,” you might say. Or, “Look at Susan…I’m probably prejudiced, but I think she is the most stunning woman in this restaurant!” For more great lines, ideas and advice on creating the naughty side of your wife, visit my website by clicking here.

By complimenting your wife and letting OTHER people hear your comments, you are putting her on a pedastal and feeding her ego. We all have egos and they all need to be nourished. Be sure to send her a message of gratitude and adoration privately and publicly. She will work twice as hard to live up to the names you give her.

My wife DOES look incredible, but she didn’t always. Because of the methods I endorse, teach and practice on a daily basis, my wife is more open to crazy sex, can dress like a tramp when we want to “play”, and adores me more now, after two decades of marriage, than ever before.  By putting her on a pedastal, I have created psychological (not physical) foreplay that I can tap into at any moment. In fact, we went shopping for some household items the day after our dinner date with friends, and her after-glow and attitude was so hot, I suggested we try on some clothes together in the dressing room!  YAHOO!!!! While it wasn’ sex in public (Being arrested probably would kill the mood) it was extremely exciting and we created a new memory of a “getting a hummer in unusual places” that we’ll share forever.

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