Sex in the Office


sex in the office

"Put down that mouse and touch my kitty."

Most people consider the idea of sex to be a manifestation of the intangible feelings of love. The angels sing, the fireworks begin and feelings of euphoria abound. Sex and love are inexorably intertwined. There are more songs and books written about love than any other topic. However, the topic of sex being used for medicinal purposes is summarily avoided.

Not anymore.

For the past 3 months I have been diligently been writing a full length book. Ask anyone who has written one; it takes the patience of Job, the stamina of an Olympic athlete and the creativity of Walt Disney to complete a book. In short…it’s tough!

What makes it even more difficult is the amount of time writing, re-writing, adding and editing. There are dozens of ways to say one thing. Which way is best? What does this have to do with sex, love and marriage.


The stress of making a living, tackling a big project or striving towards a lofty goal can take its toll on anyone. The bigger the goal or project, the more stress an individual may feel. While sex is designed to make babies and express love, medically it can be a tremendous reliever of stress! Don’t believe me? Here is a quote from Columbia University’s Center for Health:

“Endorphins are a group of substances formed within the body that naturally relieve pain. They have a similar chemical structure to morphine. In addition to their analgesic, or pain-relieving, effect, endorphins are thought to be involved in controlling the body’s response to stress, regulating contractions of the intestinal wall, and determining mood. They may also regulate the release of hormones from the pituitary gland, notably growth hormone and the gonadotropin hormones.

Some researchers have learned that strenuous exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream. Others have found that endorphins are released during orgasm, as well as during laughter. Endorphin release may occur with frequent sex and masturbation.”

The bottom line is that sex (I will leave masturbation out of the conversation for now) is a DEFINITE stress reliever. Massages are nice. Exercising is important, but nothing beats the endorphin rush of a great orgasm. Hell, even a mediocre orgasm will take the edge off an otherwise stressful day.

Last week as I was putting in a long 14 hour day, my wife came in with that “look” in her eye and closed and locked my door. As it turns out, we BOTH needed to take the edge off. She didn’t talk about foreplay. She didn’t ask me a single question about “how its going?” or other irrelevant conversation. She looked at me and without saying a word, stripped off my clothes and went down on me.

It didn’t matter that she would be late for an appointment. It didn’t concern me that the kids were in the next room. When I hiked her dress up and pushed her on the couch in my office, her climax was almost instant. By the time we moved to my desk for her 2nd round, she nearly slid off the glass top.

The next time your spouse shows signs of stress, tell them the doctor has a prescription for them…then lock the door and turn off the lights.

"Stop touching yourself. Get your wife to do it."

Best Sex Positions to Go All Night


Reverse Cowgirl: Best Sex Position to Last Longer

So you’ve had a long night. Maybe you’ve had a few drinks and that has made you extra horny. Your long day at the office was fulfilling, but your 2nd wind expired about an hour ago. You and your girl are walking in the door and you are both considering calling it a night…problem is, you are both a little turned on.

Tired and turned on…sounds like the making of a lackluster sexual encounter.

With the proper pace, rhythm and conservation of energy, you can both achieve a blissful orgasm without having to pound her for an hour or ask her to be on top because your back hurts. The following positions are uniquely suited to conserve energy for the both of you, while delivering satisfying sex and potential orgasms whenever you want them.

1. Cowgirl. When the trail boss is weary, it’s time for the cowgirl to pick up the pace and work it a bit. Have your girl sit on you as you lay back and just take it. For some variety, don’t forget to try the reverse cowgirl-you’ll get a nice view of her backside and depending on her angle, you’ll hit some new spots that’ll make her yell “Yee Ha!”

Explore how allowing her to be in control can not only conserve YOUR energy, but give her the exact stimulation she needs to pop her cherry. I highly recommend this popular book, by Dr. Sadie Alison. Something about sex books written by women…kinda kinky-right?

2. Pacing. Many men (and women) are aroused by vigorous sex. Anyone who has watched porno must think that vigorous, rapid-fire sex is the one and only method for the highly orgasmic couple. In fact, nerve-endings can be stimulated just as easily with a slow pace than with a rapid one. In fact, an excruciatingly slow entry can add anticipation and a false sense of length to lovemaking. Change up your pace, steady and slow can create heightened excitement and save your energy.

3. Wheelbarrow. When your woman is on the bed and you standing on the floor at the edge of the bed, pick up her legs and hold them like the handles of a wheelbarrow. By controlling her body and with your feet firmly planted on the ground you can easily penetrate her with minimal energy. This not only allows for a deeper penetration move on your part, but if you can toss her legs over your shoulders (adding a pillow under her behind helps) you can even keep your arms down, grab her thighs instead of her ankles and really ‘relax’ as you have sex. This is a terrific position to conserve energy, penetrate a bit deeper and control the pace.

There are over 60 positions outlined in the Kama Sutra and I will be referring to each and every one of them as the days go on. As this is a PG rated blog, you’ll have to request pictures for downloading. I won’t be posting full nudes here. I will have two FULL books full of drawings and photos for your reference and continue describing the benefits and techniques of artful lovemaking. Simply register for my FREE book on “The 4 Minute Rolling Orgasm” and you’ll get the cliff notes on the Kama Sutra at no cost! For the full book (recommended) click here. The benefits of using a variety of positions are not only adding some variety to your love life, but you will notice a massive increase in pleasure and arousal. I guarantee it!

Saving energy to last longer, positions for people who are overweight and best positions for your fetishes will be discussed. Your comments are always welcome and in the meantime, be sure to treat your woman like a princess! Marriages last because people continue to date after they are married.

Now go and surprise her with some flowers, a foot massage or an unusual sex position that will make her scream, cream and tingle with delight! If you need some more ideas, check out my book “Make Your Wife Hot” today. You’ll find a clear strategy to increase your wife’s sex appeal, influence her to lose weight (without getting in trouble), drive her libido up to YOUR level and change your marriage into a sexually-charged, intimate relationship you’ve always wanted.

Make Your Wife Hot

Best Sex Position for G Spot Stimulation


gspot_sex_positionAh…the elusive “G” spot. What is it? Where is it? What sex positions can we use to maximize stimulation of the “G” spot once we find it? How can I use it to give my wife an orgasm that shakes the world?

Read on and be sure to share this post with her! You definitely can’t accomplish this without some basic understanding the “G” spot, where is located and most importantly, how and WHEN to work it.  As with learning anything new, you’re bound to make a few mistakes, but hey…these mistakes are guaranteed to be fun! So, let’s become a master at painting the canvas which is your wife’s beautiful body.

The g-spot is a bean-shaped, spongy mass of nerve tissue that resides under the frontal vaginal wall. In order to locate it, make sure she is wet, because you’ll have a harder time if you treat this as a lab experiment instead of an advanced erotic move. Position a pillow under her rear or simply allow her to lay on her back with her hips slightly lifted or propped up. Put a finger inside her vaginal wall towards the front of her body (belly-button side). Reach in as far as you can go, and bend your finger in a “come here” motion. Then slide your finger along the vaginal wall until you find a rough-textured area. The g-spot should feel ridged or nubbly compared to the rest of the vaginal canal and is generally found about 2 inches in, although it can lie pretty much anywhere along the front of the vaginal canal – even as far back as the cervix. It’s really more of an area then an actual “spot.”

Now that you know WHERE it is, what do you do with it? Well, that depends. Some women enjoy g-spot stimulation and some women don’t. Be aware that how much she enjoys it may also depend on where she is in her menstrual cycle. The sex positions we’ll cover here all allow for maximum penetration and depending on how your penis curves, should allow for some stimulation with your penis.

If your penis naturally curves upward, you may have a slight advantage to hitting this area. If you don’t, then any position that maximizes contact with the front of her vaginal wall should work. Woman-on-top-facing-you works well, she can also slightly lean back to take advantage of more front-vaginal contact. The missionary position works well if you prop her hips up, or use a pillow. You can also get some traction if she’s laying on the edge of something and you’re standing on the floor. You may not even need to prop her hips up. By standing, you have more control over the angle as you penetrate her.
If your angle isn’t hitting this spot, keep trying a variety of positions to get the penis towards the top of the vaginal wall. A popular position is the one illustrated below.

Courtesy of

If it’s not working for you, put a pillow or two under her rear to lift up her hips. Don’t give up. It takes some couples weeks of experimentation to find out what works for them. If the penile stimulation won’t rock her world, move right over to using your finger or fingers. To manually stimulate the g-spot, you will need to experiment with different pressures and motions. Talk about what works for her. Move your finger(s) in that “come hither” motion works well for most. Because the g-spot is located inside of the vaginal wall, you may need to exert a fair bit of pressure to stimulate it.

You can also try a “tapping” motion to stimulate the “G” spot. Tap the area with your fingers and try varying the speed and firmness of the tapping. Working the area in circles like she teases her hair is another method. Everyone is different so don’t be afraid to try a variety of motions. There is an excellent video on this topic available by clicking here.

Making your wife HOT is simpler than you can imagine. You can have the sexually-charged lifestyle you want. All that is required is some patience, creativity and a spirit of fun! Check out my book, Make Your Wife Hot today and get the full program to not only creating a great sex life, but a fulfilling relationship all around.

After you’ve found it and been able to stimulate the “G” spot, it is important to use this powder keg of pleasure judiciously. You probably shouldn’t hit it at every chance you get. If you don’t create some anticipation every once in a while, you will be creating Christmas for her every day.

Not a good plan.

Just as you might get bored of a blow job every morning and sex twice a night, (well maybe it would take a while but eventually you WOULD get bored!) you don’t want to excite the “G” spot at every chance you get. Nor do you want to hit the spot each time you have sex.

As you are beginning your sexual encounter wait for the pre-orgasm cycle of sex before switching positions or changing your penis for your finger. (To understand more of the pre-orgasm cycle, register for your FREE book, “The 4 Minute Orgasm” by filling our your email on the upper right) When she is a minute or two from an orgasm; that is the perfect time to stimulate her “G” spot and send her over the edge. Her orgasm will most likely be uncontrollable and you more likely to get her into a rolling, multiple orgasm rhythm for a while by saving the “G” spot stimulation for the pre-orgasm cycle.

The key is to be patient, creative and open to exploration of your wife’s body. Together you can create “off the chart” sex for the rest of your lives. Start today by reading up on how to understand your woman, and you’ll start to enjoy all the sex and adoration you desire within days! Click on the book below…

Hot Wife Culture


What is the culture of a Hot wife?

For many men and women it means a forbidden lifestyle of a married couple allowing and encouraging a wife to take on additional sex partners. For many men (I mean a great many) this is a common fantasy.

For most couples, however, the emotional stress and jealousy is too great for a relationship to survive, let alone thrive. Don’t despair if you have the fetish, but not the open relationship with the wife. There are plenty of role play and fantasy games you can enjoy together to simulate the hot wife experience without the emotional baggage of a third player in the bedroom. In fact, the more you understand and manipulate the emotional and psychological triggers of sexuality, the easier it will be to heighten the stimulation of a cuckold relationship without the baggage or frustrations associated with the introduction of a third party.

For those of you who have the confidence and communication of a full-fledged cuckold situation, congratulations. This article is for the rest of us…those who would love the excitement and passion of seeing our wives with a bull, but lack the compatibility for the agreed upon affair.

Exploring the culture in detail, many forums show the man being dominated by his wife. The dominatrix fantasy is a logical extension of the culture. There is nothing embarrassing about this. However, there are more men who simply enjoy the pornographic experience of seeing their wife with another man, who are not into being dominated by their mistress. For most men with this fantasy, it is simply an extension of pornography. Only this time, their wife is in the movie! (Or live show as it were) Every person, no matter who they are, has specific fantasies and scenarios that create sexual stimulation. Some are common, some are not. Some fantasies are called fetishes and can make the average person raise an eyebrow or shake their head in disgust. However, EVERY person has thought about creative sexual techniques or stimulation.

Be grateful if you and/or your partner can discuss it openly and honestly. You are a rare breed.

If you would like to join our group of free-spirited, honest lovers, and your partner is a bit shy, don’t lose hope. There are specific strategies you can use to travel down this path. How far will your fantasies go? Will you be able to turn them into reality? That will ultimately be up to how well you manipulate the conversations, actions and relationship.

Ultimately, the biggest challenge will be how well you manipulate your own mind.

For the majority of couples, however, jealousy, STD’s and emotional challenges prevent most men and women from living out this fantasy. Here are a few ideas to re-create the culture, mood, and excitement of your own, personal and sexually-charged cuckold relationship.

  1. Set the mood for an affair. Creating the right atmosphere is critical in any sexual situation. Candles, music, and atmosphere do more to turn us on then words which are temporary. With the right mood, a couple can become aroused and stay aroused longer. Find out what scents turn your partner on and use them sparingly. If your fantasy takes place in a crowded bar or seedy hotel, go there. Nothing sets the mood and re-creates the fantasy better than a well dressed set. Like James Cameron did for the filming of the Titanic, build the perfect set for your affair. You don’t have to be an Oscar-nominated actor to get in the spirit of things!
  2. Create the PERFECT partner. The fantasy of another man with your wife can be both her fantasy and yours. Chances are one of you may be embarrassed to admit being attracted to another type of person. It’s OK. Nobody can be everything to anyone. So you married a blonde…of course you want an affair with a brunette. Variety is the spice of life! My wife is crazy for accents so find out what country or accent turns your wife on and practices it. The better job you do of recreating her “mystery” lover, the more realistic your fantasy will seem to the both of you.
  3. Be courageous. You are probably experimenting with some new stuff here. Of course you are going to make some mistakes, say the wrong thing or embarrass yourself. Get over it! Practice makes perfect. You are already married and have had embarrassing moments before. Just make them all in private in case one of your fantasies is sex in public places. You’ll want to get that right the first time, just in case it is your last!
  4. Be forgiving of yourself and each other. I am assuming that the hot wife culture appeals to only one of you. (If it appeals to both of you, be safe and smart about your emotions and health) Since this topic is rife with jealousy, be sure to discuss it outside of the bedroom when the time is right. My wife and I had to see a few movies and have some calm discussions about sexuality before she was comfortable bringing our “fantasy man” into the bedroom. In her mind, if the roles were reversed (And they were sometimes!) she wanted to be the #1 girl. I understood completely and always talked up our bi-sexual fantasy girl as the warm up person. Sure, she would play with both of us during intercourse, but I always dismissed her after a while and focused on my wife. The same is true for her fantasy man.  Be respectful and forgiving of your partner during this time of discovery.

In conclusion, don’t be embarrassed about the hot wife culture. It is a very common fantasy and one that can be explored safely with the two of you. In fact, there are many advantages to keeping this fantasy a fantasy! With an imaginary playmate there is no uncomfortable moments of Q and A. There is no jealousy. The fantasy person can instantly teleport into and out of our bedroom whenever we want and neither of us can catch an STD!


If you and your wife are both prepared to take it out of the world of fantasy and into the real world, have plenty of discussions and go ahead and role play it out a few times before you do it for real. Like test pilots flying simulators, you’ll cover some of the issues, but not all of them! For more ideas, strategies and tactics for creating a smokin’ hot wife, visit today!

Is Sex Better When You’re in Love?


How does the emotion of love relate to sex?

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Like many of us, we’ve had “sex” and we’ve “made love.” Ask anyone which is more satisfying and they’ll tell you that making love has way more power to it. (Even really great sex is better with someone whom you truly love!)

Love is one of the most misunderstood and complicated emotions in human existence. Perhaps that is why over 90% of songs and movies are about this topic! The approach you take to falling into, maintaining and nourishing your love is a job that never ends. I would be a fool to try and explain it. My hope for you is to simply shed a little light on love and perhaps give you some pointers to assist your personal navigation of the most confusing emotion imaginable-Love.

To deepen your understanding of the emotion love you need to delve into the subconscious mind. Your subconscious encompasses both directed emotions and indirect feelings. It is in this realm of the mind where you can open new corridors of new understanding of love.

Use of your cognitive thought process which is detached from your complex inner workings of the mind isn’t as easy as it sounds (Does that really sound easy to you?). Your mind may not be able to understand the emotional elements of your life but your personal self help approach can at least give you some light to cast on the dark and mysterious path of love.

You can automatically develop a loving relationship that can be complicated if certain components are not addressed. Step back from the question, “Is sex better when you are in love?” The bigger issue may be are you healthy enough to be in love? There may be various reasons that may get in the way of your marriage and romantic life.

Some of the most popular complications include low esteem and fear.

Low Self Esteem:
You may not believe that you are not deserving of a healthy and loving relationship. Your history and previous experiences shape who you are and your belief system. When your subconscious values are in conflict with your logical ones, love can get as confusing as these sentences!

The most effective way to deal with this is to re-wire your mind. To have a successful loving relationship, start by loving yourself. When a person has behaved badly or been treated poorly, a low self-esteem creates self-loathing. The extreme extension of this relates to child abuse and some forms of prostitution. A low self-esteem can create a desire to be loved and shallow manifestations or dangerous extensions of sex can resemble a type of love that one craves.

It’s the beginning of everything. If you cannot allow yourself to eradicate negative feelings within you, then you may feel a loving emotion but may internally suffer a conflict of emotion. This conflict needs immediate emotion and deeper understanding. Many people fail as they do not foster their love with their selves.

Fear of rejection is the reason public speaking is more feared than death itself. Your fear of being rejected by your selected mate can cause huge issues which also relate directly to self-esteem. Your fear of loss, rejection and being lonely can inhibit the free exchange of love; making it very difficult if not possible. Low esteem, fear and anxiety can be serious obstacles but you should have the power to control them through your subconscious mind. Gaining a deeper understanding of your loving emotion requires more positive self-talk. One of my favorite books on this subject is called “What to Say to When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter.

Is sex better when you are in love? Of course it is! Can anyone enjoy better sex by turning on the love machine. Not necessarily. Getting right with yourself, first is important. Many troubled marriages overlook this fundamental step. It is the reason 2nd marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriages. The person who left hasn’t fixed the root problem-themselves.

Developing a great self-esteem is step one to getting someone else to fall in love with you, be committed and develop the loving relationship and off the chart sex that you desire. For more ideas on creating a really smokin’ hot romance, check out my book at

Deep Penetration


In the Kama Sutra there are sex positions which are named after Nature: flowers, birds and animals. Some names of the sex positions sound very nice and exotic, some do not. We’ve all  heard of Doggy-style. What about a Peacock-style? Or a Swan-style? The very words denote love, beauty and artistic flair.

Time to learn about the birds and the bees….Kama Sutra style!

According to the size of a man’s penis (the lingam), man is divided into three main types: the hare man, the bull man and the horse man. According to the depth of a woman’s vagina (the yoni), a woman can be a female deer, a mare or a female elephant. Thus, there are three equal unions between lovers of corresponding dimensions, and six unequal unions, when the dimensions. Equal unions: hare-deer; bull-mare; horse-elephant. Unequal unions: hare-mare; hare-elephant; bull-deer; bull-elephant; horse-deer; horse-mare. Unequal doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means more creativity and modification to your position may be necessary to achieve stimulation. Many men are self-conscious if their lingam is below average in length or girth.

Take a few lessons from the Kama Sutra and you’ll realize than even if you have a teeny-weenie, you can create passionate, fulfilling lovemaking with your woman regardless of size.

Of course, we are all looking for stimulating sex, and Kama Sutra positions are surefire way to create the connection you want!. Below you’ll find 17 Kama Sutra sexual poses as translated by Indra Sinha. I do not provide pictures here on this blog, but they will be available to my online members in the very near future. If you want to spice things up in the meantime, click here.

Markata – The Monkey. Lying down position. The woman grasps her ankles and raises high her lotus feet; you strike her to the root, kissing and slapping open-palmed between her breasts: this is Markata (The Monkey) Making monkey noises is optional and only advised after you’ve mastered her coconuts.

Vyomapada – Sky-foot. Lying down position. Your wife lies on the bed, grasps her own feet and draws them up until they reach her hair; you catch her breasts and make love: this is Vyomapada (Sky-foot) This position is especially helpful for extra deep penetration and is strongly recommended for men with less than average sized penis. You probably don’t want to be too proud of your knowledge of this position, but even a man less than 5” can feel like a stud with this!

Kaurma – The Tortoise. The sitting position. Seated, mouth to mouth, arms against arms, thighs against thighs: this is Kaurma (The Tortoise) This position sounds soothing and it is, because it is difficult to realize any serious motion, penetration or movement. I guess that’s why they call it the tortoise!

Mayura – the Peacock. The sitting pose. Seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hands, offering up her yoni for lovemaking: this is Mayura (The Peacock) This is a really great position for creating some special movements in a woman’s vagina. As she raises and lowers those peacock feathers (Her leg) her movements can carry a man’s penis inside her with little effort.

Padma – the Lotus. The sitting position. If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful Padma (The Lotus) This is another deep penetration position. While it may lack the thrusting power of the Sky-foot, it is sensual and easier on a less than limber woman than the Sky-foot.

Kirtibandha – the Knot of Fame. The sitting pose. Sitting erect, grip your lover’s waist and pull her on to you, your loins continuously leaping together with a sound like the flapping of elephants’ ears: this is Kirtibandha (The Knot of Fame) Don’t dismiss the sounds of the flapping elephants ears. That smacking sound can be quite stimulating and adds to the excitement. Remember physical+visual+aroma+audio stimulation is the key to a complete experience.

Jaya – Victory. The sitting pose. Kneeling between her thighs, tickle her breasts and under her arms and print deep nailmarks around her nipples: thus Jaya (Victory) is expounded. Of course, making marks is only for women with high pain thresholds. Hey, if she’s given you children, of course she has a higher pain threshold than you. Just be prepared to get some of her nails in your back later!

Dhenuka – The Milch Cow. The rear entry position. She bends well forward and grips the bottom of the bed or her ankles, her buttocks raised high; cup your hands and squeeze her breasts together: this is Dhenuka (The Milch Cow) Like the monkey, be respectful. There should be no fake “milking” of the cow until after she is in post-orgasm stage. Last time I made a joke during sex, we both lost it!

Svanaka – The Dog. The rear entry position. If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into your face, experts in the art of love say it is Svanaka (The Dog) Most men enjoy doggy-style for the pure freedom of entry, penetration and handles. Be sure to ask your wife to turn around occasionally during your thrusts. Pulling her hair is only for advanced lovers.

Hirana – The Deer. The rear entry position. If the lady, eager for love, goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe, and you enjoy her from behind, rutting as though you’d lost all human nature, it is Hirana (The Deer). Since deer don’t make much noise, one can get confused by calling this a variation of the doggy-style. Don’t confuse these styles, and leave the antlers on the wall. They are too sharp to play with safely.

Marjara – The Cat. The rear entry position. If she lies on her stomach and you seize her ankles in one hand, lift them high and make love, tilting her chin back with your other hand, it is Marjara (The Cat) Putting a pillow under her rear can also add to the penetration with this feline frolic. Purring on her part is required, but you have to be good smooth and gentle enough to let it come naturally from her loins.

Aibha – The Elephant. The rear entry position. When your mistress lays breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet, raising her buttocks high, and you guide your penis into her yoni, it is Aibha (The Elephant) For advanced lovers, try tying your elephant down and dominating her. Bondage need not be threatening or painful. The restraints can mimick dominance with empathy. Be gentle (unless she likes it rough).

Hastika – The Elephant. One more rear entry position. You lift her ankles high; she draws up and extends her legs as though she were crawling through the air: this is Hastika (The Elephant). This can also be a deep penetration position. Well endowed men need not apply. For average guys in the 6” range, however, she may feel as though you’ve grown an inch! Now trumpet like an elephant, you stud!

Nagabandha – The Elephant. And one more rear entry position. Lying on her side, facing away, your woman offers you her buttocks and your penis penetrates her: this is Nagabandha (The Elephant) With a side position, she can watch more of the action. Too much doggy style means either you are too rough, too often or you don’t like your woman’s face that much.

Hansabandha – The Swan. Role reversal position. She sits upright upon you, her head thrown back like a rearing mare, bringing her feet together on the bed to one side of your body: this is Hansabandha (The Swan) Before there was cowgirl, there was the swan. I think swan sounds prettier, but reverse cowgirl sounds better than reverse swan. Advantage of the swan is the view of your woman’s bouncing breasts as you make love-yum.


Hansa-lila – Swan Sport. Role reversal position. If she strides you, facing your feet, brings both her feet up to your thighs, and works her hips frantically, it is known as Hansa-lila (Swan Sport) Swan sport sounds more athletic than reverse swan and if your woman has a nice butt, this is a great visual to enjoy during lovemaking.

Virsha – The Bull. Role reversal position. If you lie flat on your back with legs stretched out and your lover sits astride you, facing away and grasping your feet, it is called Virsha (The Bull) Reverse cowgirl sounds an awful lot like The Bull. Bonus points if she wears cowboy boots and a sexy cowboy hat like Debra Wringer did in Urban Cowboy.

Enjoy the variety of life, ladies and gentlemen. You need not need a variety of lovers to be fulfilled. Your creativity and playfulness can create the erotic stimulation and raw excitement you crave. For more ideas on making your wife hot, visit today!

I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You


HA! Who’s not heard that phrase before?

If you’ve been married for more than a few years the odds are pretty good that you’ve either said it, had your spouse say it to you or one of you has thought it without saying it!

What do you DO with information like this? What can you do? What SHOULD you do? It doesn’t matter if you are saying it or hearing it, you cannot go on like this. Time to take some action, champ!

If you are the one who’s saying it; here’s some advice.

Love has several incarnations and even phases in life. The first form of love is those butterflies in your stomach (or bulge in your pants) that make you crazy. You may lose focus on other things, you are giddy, and you basically can’t keep your hands off of each other. “Puppy love” and newlyweds are only separated by age and experience. The feeling of love is intoxicating.

This single characteristic of love, by its very nature, changes over time.

This is not to say that you cannot resurrect those butterflies after 20 years of marriage-you can. However, when it was an effortless act when you first dated, it takes some purposeful thought and habits to keep the love alive.

When someone says, “I love you but I’m not in love with you” your mission is to NOT take it personally. The worst thing you can do is to blame you, your spouse or the economy. The proper response is not to blame, but to take this opportunity to INCREASE your communication, intimacy and chemistry with one another.

Creating feelings of euphoria, excitement and lust are feelings that CAN be created with 1/2 cup of psychology,  2 teaspoons of empathy, a cup of creativity, and a dash of courage.

1. Psychology: Understanding love and “in love” and developing a plan to bring those two ideas together is step one. I will be spending over 1/2 of the time at our Sex Workshop pulling those concepts together in order to increase the quantity and intensity of a couples sexual time together.  I guarantee the day or two you invest in Las Vegas will be worth 100X the investment. Our last workshop was a TOTALLY HOT success. We’ll do another one early in 2010.

2. Empathy: While empathy is an emotion normally reserved for grieving people, I use it here as a specific tool to create or restore a connection between two people. The more you empathize with your spouse, the more you manifest some very important qualities. You open up YOUR heart to his/her desires, pains, frustrations and needs. When you open up to another person-Shazam! They do the same for you! It must be sincere and you must listen more than you talk. That is empathy. It can bring you closer together emotionally and can translate into more intimacy and sex.

3. Creativity: Let’s face it, just because you KNOW how to make her cum, doesn’t mean you need to use that SAME technique the rest of her life! All human beings crave new experiences and discovery. The journey can be just as exciting as the destination (Sometimes MORE exciting!) so get out the porno, velvet handcuffs and play. You may create a few embarrassing moments with your experimentation; so what! You’ve been married for a while, you’ve seen each other naked for years. What’s wrong with spilling the chocolate sauce on her navel, only to realize in the dim lights that it is salsa? Get out the chips and have a party!

4. Courage: Naturally, when a couple has hit a crossroad and realizes their sex live, love and relationship is sliding down, ignoring it won’t make it better. Having the courage to talk-really talk about it and the courage to TRY different things is the main quality you need.

It may hurt to experiment with the dominatrix kit you got for Valentines Day, but it never hurts to talk about your relationship as long as you are open, honest and don’t take any of your spouse’s thoughts personally. Remember, if you aren’t happy, chances are neither is your spouse. You both have some changes to make if you want to be in love again.

Get started NOW! Order my book on creating a hot wife, restoring the intimacy you once had and having the most incredible sex life imaginable!

Cuckold: Are you demented?


Of all the fantasies that divide people cuckolding could be one of the most confusing. For the uninitiated, cuckolding is a husband’s desire to have his wife have sex with another man. It is most often when the husband is watching but can extend out to him not even being there.

When I think about this fantasy from a psychological view, I find it fascinating. On one hand, the stories I have read show a man who enjoys being dominated by a strong woman; a woman so powerful that he alone cannot satisfy her. This type of man may also embrace dominatrix fetishes and become stimulated by being dominated; sexually and otherwise.


On the other hand, some men who are NOT into the dominatrix stuff still enjoy seeing their wife having sex with another man. Their confidence and comfort with this activity is the exact opposite of the weaker man syndrome. A man who enjoys watching his wife having sex with another man is akin to watching pornography, only your WIFE is in the show!

Now, pornography is a visual stimulus many individuals and couples use to assist in arousal where average arousal has either tapered off or isn’t working at all. The logical extension of 2 dimensional stimulation is 3 dimensional. Going to gentleman’s clubs, getting a lap dance (for 2!) and considering cuckolding or group sex can raise the bar, your blood pressure, and sensual arousal to extreme heights.

This type of activity, however, is never for the couple who have any confidence or jealousy issues. Too many couples have tried to use extreme arousal techniques to rekindle a relationship when the REAL issue was communication and not sex.

That is one of the key drivers for our HUGELY successful workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada this past November. Our 1/2 day workshop in 2010 will focus on creating open, honest and complete communication with an emphasis on the sexual expression of your love and lust. It will be a enlightening afternoon and evening. Men, women are couples are all invited and I encourage you to email me about what weekend would work for you. If it is anything like our last one, you’ll go home charged up, enlightened and maybe a little sore!

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How To Get My Man Off


Focusing on creating a super hot wife; a MILF that you can’t wait to get home to is important. This emphasis on her not only pleases you, but her, as well. In fact, if you’ve read my book how to Make Your Wife Hot, you realize that the key to creating a sexually-charged relationship full of mind-blowing sex with YOUR hot wife depends more on what you think, do and say than nagging her to lose that extra 20 pounds or try on the cat woman outfit.

Guys, it is up to you to LEAD! I hope you understand that your wife, regardless of how long you’ve been married or how unsatisfying your relationship may be, wants to please you. She may be a bitch or cold as ice, but deep down inside she desperately longs to be that sensual, seductress you married so many years ago. This post is dedicated to her. (And you!)

Copy or print this post any way you desire. Your mission is to woo her. Your job is to romance her, your responsibility is to show her you love her. Now comes the fun part….you can also get what YOU want in the process! We have focused on her emotional needs and desire for security in many posts. If you’ve been working on your relationship at all, you know that sex is 90% mental. Let’s now focus on how to get HER to please YOU! Here is a short playbook prepared by my wife. Please share it with your girl…

-By Chris Steponin

I am not a sluty wife, but my husband likes to think I am HIS private concubine. As a marketing professional, I used to be disgusted with his labeling me as his private whore. It was demeaning and cheap.

Once I realized his fantasy had nothing to do with MY self-esteem, I warmed up a little bit. In a few months, I actually ENJOYED being incredibly sensual, sexy and naughty for him. Private whore…hmm…it is definitely a character I have no experience with in my past. Thanks to his balance of respect and desire for eroticism, I now enjoy being the professional, suburban couple in the daytime and a naughty temptress at night! Let’s explore that hunk’s body…

Compared to male body, female body has a greater variety of erogenous zones. Sorry boys. But there is a general misunderstanding by many women that a man’s only erogenous zone is located  in his pants. This area represents only a small percentage of his erogenous zones which has dozens of hot spots. So let’s “touch” a few of them right now…

His Head: No; the one on his neck
His scalp and ears areas are packed with nerve endings. Many men enjoy having their hair ruffled and stroked. Running your fingers through his hair can be a libido-increasing act. Scalp massage is a stimulating and is a seductive touch to do with your guy. We all enjoy getting our hair washed at the salon. He’s no different. His ears are also hot spots for your tongue, whispers and kisses. Whispering erotic fantasies, slight sucking and playful biting on his earlobe will stimulate necessary blood flow to the area south of the border.

His Chest: Hairy or not here you cum
The chest is one of the sexiest part of a man’s body. Stroking a hairy chest and playing with his nipples is an exciting thing for most women. Circling his areola, gently kissing the nipple and caressing the muscles of his chest can be exciting for both of you. You should also flip your hair onto his chest and drag it slowly down to his now erect manhood. Yeah…that works.

His Back: You’ll be lying on yours soon enough
A man’s back is often overlooked. A strong back is sexy for us, but is also very sensitive for him. Trial and error are part of the deal, here. Kiss it, scratch it, bite it caress it, etc. We all love a good massage on our backs and taking the stress out of his back will release any remaining tension in his body so he can focus on you.

His Butt: Cute, sensitive and spankable
The buttocks and anal region are one of the most intimate and erogenous zones of a man. Slowly running your fingers along his buttocks and teasing his crack may make him squirm and tingle. Stroking and massaging his buttocks before during and after sex is a good way to “double down” on his pleasure. The more combination moves you can come up with, the better. Play with his butt: pinch and slap a little, then snuggle your belly and breasts to his bottoms.

WARNING: Most men are reluctant to ask their lover to play with his anal hole and prostate.. Stimulating this spot can be very pleasurable, especially if you use a top-quality anal lubricant. Fingering his anus requires advanced Tantra techniques and should only be done with plenty of lubricant, training, and a possible bottle of scotch. Be warned, however, that the proper application of these techniques can cause extreme orgasms and euphoria!

Between a Rock and Hard Place
Both men and women have a perineum – an area with highly sensitive skin packed with pleasure receptors, located between the anus and genitals. This region should be touched with extra attention and love. Gentle and careful stimulation by licking and kissing this smooth flesh can provide external stimulation to his prostate and even the root of his cock. Gently push on the perineum like you’re ringing a doorbell, and release. Push – release, and so on. Massage in circular and rhythmic motion for extra benefit.

Good luck. By following some of these ideas, many men (including myself) have actually achieved multiple orgasms. I encourage you to print this out and discuss it with your wife, when the time is right. Try warming her up with a nice dinner, a rose-petal covered bed or a day at the spa. After she reads this, you’ll be banging your smokin’ hot wife until the sun rises the next day.

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Sex During Pregnancy? YES!


sex-during-pregnancy1If you are planning a pregnancy, you’ve probably found an abundance of information about sex and how to get pregnant. But what about sex during those 9 months after conception? Your wife’s gained weight, she looks fat and perhaps a bit unattractive?

HOGWASH! My wife was extremely attractive when she was pregnant. That maternal glow and enlarged breasts were total turn on’s for me.

Like many parents-to-be, you may have questions about the safety of sex, when, how often and what’s normal for most couples.

Well, what’s normal tends to vary widely, but you can count on the fact that there will be changes in your sex life. Some of these changes may be uncomfortable, but I can show you how to make sex during pregnancy fun, interesting, enjoyable and memorable! Open communication will be the key to a satisfying and safe sexual relationship during pregnancy. The more you talk openly and honestly about what you are feeling and your mutual expectations, the better your relationship will become. The bottom line for nearly everyone is…

Sex During Pregnancy Is GREAT!

Decreased pressure from bloating
As you may or may not know, the bloating and discomfort a woman feels during a menstratal cycle CAN be alleviated with sex. It is very similar to when a woman is pregnant and there are many reasons some women don’t have sex during this time. The list includes:

  • Not feeling sexy…AT ALL!
  • Feeling very uncomfortable, bloated and not in the mood
  • The blood during sex is pretty yucky
  • My partner doesn’t find me attractive or appealing
  • I am used to having oral and that is a definite no-no during my cycle

The reasons are endless…

But, they all share a common thread of misconception. The primary misconception being that the “feelings” you or your partner share are locked in place and will never change. A woman’s feelings of being unappealing can change with a single thought. Sure, she may not look sexy, but you can certainly create some very exciting and romantic thoughts in your head. Try it! Right now.

Think about the most ROMANTIC and SEXUALLY EXCITING evening of your life. Go back to the special words, smells, sounds and activities that made it special. Remember the euphoria and joy you felt during that evening. Recall every single nuance, aroma, and word that was spoken. Recall specific things that touched every sense you have.

You see, your mind is a wonderful tool that YOU control. Just like recalling pleasant thoughts can change your mood, you can “order up” whatever feeling you like simply by triggering the thoughts in your mind.

When you think about your pregnant wife, that image may not be sexy or attractive. SO WHAT! You now have a specific tool you can use to change your feelings. By replacing the current image of a big belly with the “feelings” of a romantic, sexually-charged evening, you trick the mind into a state of desire.  Using this trigger you can create new thoughts which trigger new feelings.

Transferring that “Sexy” feeling to your wife
Great. Now you know how to use your mind like she uses her favorite vibrator. Simply plug it in and turn it on. Your thoughts are YOURS to control. What about hers?

What if she does NOT find herself sexy, appealing or desirable? What can you do to change her mind about sex? More importantly, what if HER thoughts, mood or action influence yours? Does getting yourself all worked up with no pay off frustrate you? It sure can!

For more tips on creating a sexually-charged, passionate relationship, read my book How to Make Your Wife Hot!

Below are 4 steps to change the direction and passion in your relationship during pregnancy. It is important to stay in control, have patience and a bright, playful attitude. The better you are at being affectionate, playful and flexible, the better.

  1. Establish The Goal. Your first goal is NOT to have sex. Your primary goal during this exercise is to be able to change each others moods, misconceptions, behaviors and attitudes about sex during pregnancy. Your goal is to go from point A to point B.  Point C will happen with time and patience. (C for coitus) Don’t force the sex thing….yet. Your goal is to set a foundation for open communication.
  2. Have an Open Discussion About Feelings. Guys hate this stuff, so read some articles from Cosmopolitan and suck it up. Do NOT talk about these topics in a romantic setting and definitely not in the bedroom. Bring up the issue of sex, romance, etc. at the kitchen table or family room. You may even reference a friend, celebrity, or other figure when it comes to the topic. The point is to practice talking about a private, personal issue in a non-judgmental fashion. If you need practice, try talking about politics or some issue first. When you talk about a topic in the third person, you don’t personify it and you don’t make the other person feel responsible or guilty.
  3. Discuss Your Mutual Needs. Once you are able to get her to talk about this stuff openly, you can bring up your personal needs in a non-judgmental fashion. Don’t spend too much time on your needs. You are going to be a 2nd class citizen as soon as that kid is born, so get used to focusing on HER needs first and foremost. You’ll get yours later.
  4. Compliment Her Sincerely. The more you show and tell your affection, the better. Women respond to our moods, words, and visual cues. The more you can combine all of these in a consistent manner the better. Tell her she is beautiful. Show her that you love her. Let her know your attitude is one of patience and adoration. Put her on a pedestal and honor her.

The more you relax and focus on her (possibly erratic) state of mind, attitude and comfort, the more likely you will be able to keep your sex life active. The key words to remember are honor, patience and focus. She is carrying the physical manifestation of your love. WOW! Let her know how incredible that is!

For more ideas on getting MORE sex in your marriage, creating a smokin’ hot wife and increasing the passion in your life, visit today!