How to Get Your Wife Back


One day you wake up and don’t feel in love anymore…yuk.

Do you want to get your wife back? Why? Are you in love? How can that be, chump…I mean if she’s left (Either physically or emotionally) then is that love? Isn’t true love when BOTH parties feel the same way? Isn’t your emotion more out of desperation of loss or being alone than her? How can you love someone who doesn’t love you back?Get Your Wife Back

“Hey there…watch my video below…”

Love is pretty confusing, of course. Just when we think we have it all figured out, the world, our relationship, our health or attitude changes. Some people argue and bicker, ever realizing what the true issue is or what outcome they are after during a fight.

What is worse than fighting? What is worse than arguing or being jealous?


This indifference is actually worse than fighting. You see, the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. There are worse things than hate. Hate has emotion attached to it. It isn’t love, but it is an emotion nonetheless. There are strategies to transfer this emotion to a sexually charged evening! (see my post on make up sex…it works!) Get your wife back by thinking, believing and acting in love. It may sound simple, but it is not.

When indifference creeps into your head and heart, you are in serious trouble. Take some reflective time and go back to your past. Recall what you did, who you were and where you were when you felt in love. Go back and recall what circumstances created the thought “I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” Your circumstances may have changed, of course. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to USE the past to rebuild a new future.

There are no guarantees that your heart or her heart will restore itself to the incredible lust, mystery and passion when you first met, of course. But, by thinking loving thoughts, reminding yourself of the feelings that went with those thoughts and acting “as if” they were all real, you’ve created the perfect storm to revitalize your love and create permanent change in her heart.

This may be the most difficult thing you’ve ever attempted. Getting your wife back isn’t easy, of course. Certainly “falling” in love wasn’t hard. But rekindling the passion, lust and mutual true love between 2 people may be more difficult than curing cancer. When it comes to love, we have more to fear than death, we could lose the chance to live.

Decide. Commit. Act.

After you have closed the escape hatch of an affair, divorce or indifference, face your spouse and commit to acting in love. Commit to doing the things you did naturally when you did feel in love. Once you start to act in love, the chances are much higher that your feelings will follow your actions.

magic_of_making_up3Sometimes we can all use a little help to rekindle that feeling. There are some who claim that the feeling of “love” can’t be controlled….it just is. Well, here’s a clue to help you out if you fall into the trap of “I love my spouse, I’m just not IN love with them.” syndrome. Get a copy of the popular book, “The Magic of Making Up” and learn how thousands of people have taken a hopeless situation and not just survived, but THRIVED with it after a break-up, affair, or a slow drift apart. Click here to order your copy today.

Watch the video below and create some clear, simple and straightforward actions you can take to get your wife back, rekindle your love affair and have a hot wife again.

Passion, living life to its fullest and creating outstanding memories for yourself is not limited to your honeymoon or vacation sex! You have the ability and knowledge to create off-the-chart sex, lust and passion whenever you want! The tools are simple and the path is clear. Make the commitment today, follow the video, read this blog and make your wife hot and your life hotter!

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Is Sex Better When You’re in Love?


How does the emotion of love relate to sex?

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Like many of us, we’ve had “sex” and we’ve “made love.” Ask anyone which is more satisfying and they’ll tell you that making love has way more power to it. (Even really great sex is better with someone whom you truly love!)

Love is one of the most misunderstood and complicated emotions in human existence. Perhaps that is why over 90% of songs and movies are about this topic! The approach you take to falling into, maintaining and nourishing your love is a job that never ends. I would be a fool to try and explain it. My hope for you is to simply shed a little light on love and perhaps give you some pointers to assist your personal navigation of the most confusing emotion imaginable-Love.

To deepen your understanding of the emotion love you need to delve into the subconscious mind. Your subconscious encompasses both directed emotions and indirect feelings. It is in this realm of the mind where you can open new corridors of new understanding of love.

Use of your cognitive thought process which is detached from your complex inner workings of the mind isn’t as easy as it sounds (Does that really sound easy to you?). Your mind may not be able to understand the emotional elements of your life but your personal self help approach can at least give you some light to cast on the dark and mysterious path of love.

You can automatically develop a loving relationship that can be complicated if certain components are not addressed. Step back from the question, “Is sex better when you are in love?” The bigger issue may be are you healthy enough to be in love? There may be various reasons that may get in the way of your marriage and romantic life.

Some of the most popular complications include low esteem and fear.

Low Self Esteem:
You may not believe that you are not deserving of a healthy and loving relationship. Your history and previous experiences shape who you are and your belief system. When your subconscious values are in conflict with your logical ones, love can get as confusing as these sentences!

The most effective way to deal with this is to re-wire your mind. To have a successful loving relationship, start by loving yourself. When a person has behaved badly or been treated poorly, a low self-esteem creates self-loathing. The extreme extension of this relates to child abuse and some forms of prostitution. A low self-esteem can create a desire to be loved and shallow manifestations or dangerous extensions of sex can resemble a type of love that one craves.

It’s the beginning of everything. If you cannot allow yourself to eradicate negative feelings within you, then you may feel a loving emotion but may internally suffer a conflict of emotion. This conflict needs immediate emotion and deeper understanding. Many people fail as they do not foster their love with their selves.

Fear of rejection is the reason public speaking is more feared than death itself. Your fear of being rejected by your selected mate can cause huge issues which also relate directly to self-esteem. Your fear of loss, rejection and being lonely can inhibit the free exchange of love; making it very difficult if not possible. Low esteem, fear and anxiety can be serious obstacles but you should have the power to control them through your subconscious mind. Gaining a deeper understanding of your loving emotion requires more positive self-talk. One of my favorite books on this subject is called “What to Say to When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter.

Is sex better when you are in love? Of course it is! Can anyone enjoy better sex by turning on the love machine. Not necessarily. Getting right with yourself, first is important. Many troubled marriages overlook this fundamental step. It is the reason 2nd marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriages. The person who left hasn’t fixed the root problem-themselves.

Developing a great self-esteem is step one to getting someone else to fall in love with you, be committed and develop the loving relationship and off the chart sex that you desire. For more ideas on creating a really smokin’ hot romance, check out my book at

Yahoo BEST Answers to Marriage, Sex & Intimacy


I am a contributor to Yahoo Answers and have been fortunate enough to have been chosen for “best answer” nearly every week. While these answers are customized to the one who is asking and is based on VERY limited information, sometimes there is enough there to help others, too.

My husband is attracted towards other women?

Me and my husband are happily married but by male nature my husband is attracted towards other women (our one of the friend ). He has expressed her affection towereds her and I know all this.He told me that he has no emotional affection for her only once he wanted sex with her. I am excited and at the same time feel nervous to think about this. I don’t know what is this?? I feel once sex with her will give some excitement in our sex life but at the same time I feel it will involve him with her but she is quite far from our place so meeting regularly will not be possible for them so it could end easily.

Best Answer-Chosen By Asker

Adding excitement to a marriage is very important.
Your husband is NOT the exception…most men feel this way at some point and only a few confess it to their wives.While it is scary, please do NOT to the typical thing and either give in easily OR get mad. Applaud his honesty and talk about it further. Get some good reading material on the subject before you introduce another person into your bed. Is he talking about a three-some? If so, check out the book “Open” by Jenny Block.

Is he talking about using the other woman as a surrogate to increase his attraction towards you? This is not so easy…in fact, it is probably misplaced energy. (see further resources) The core issue is not deriving excitement from another person, but increasing COMMUNICATION AND INTIMACY WITH YOU!

If you work towards that, you two have a chance of creating a lustful affair with one another. Having your wife also be your girlfriend can be so much fun and WAY more safe than trying to insert another person. (resources listed)

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2 Secret Words for a Successful Marriage


“Just two words are all you have to know for a successful marriage,” my brother told me, “Yes dear.”

He was  SO wrong…

That was all the advice I received from my brother and dad over 21 years ago as I decided it was time to settle down, get married and start a family. Of course, there was a preamble I also heard, “I’m sorry” which can always be put in front of the sentence for added insurance.

My wife and I used to be proud that we never fought. I was always a charismatic, strong, and fun-to-be around entrepreneur. When it came to matters of the marriage, we got along and had no reason to argue. We told many people that we never fought, never argued and if there was a disagreement, hey…I remembered the advice I got. “Yes dear” pretty much eliminated conflict. What the hell, why should I get all bent out of shape. What IS worth arguing about? Little did I realize that proper arguing could lead to communication AND great make-up sex!

I never learned about professional arguing. I always thought that when a person raised his voice or made an “attack” that the opposing party would always get defensive or equally bad, simply not listen. Who wants to hear someone shout anyway? My hearing works well enough that volume doesn’t increase my retention-OK?

We didn’t fight or argue so when small matters of the marriage grew and festered, we didn’t confront them. We both thought the topics were too painful to bring up (I worked too much, she didn’t put out, etc.). We were too busy with the kids to realize that our inattention to our marriage would spiral down almost to the point of destruction.

For two non-fighting folks, we simply ignored our situation. What a mistake.

If we had confronted our issues BEFORE they grew we could have avoided years of marital discourse, an affair, and all the pain and suffering resulting from our mutual disconnect.

On the flip side, since we truly VALUED each other as individuals and made a COMMITMENT to our marriage, we decided to slug it out now. That means we had permission from each other to fight, argue and even bring up crap from the past. The results were that we are able to truly get stuff off our chest WITHOUT hurting the other person’s feelings.

We became professional arguers.

Keep in mind if you want 100% sincere, honest, open and purposeful communication then you have to be able to listen, listen, and listen some more WITHOUT interrupting, accusing, judging or being defensive. That is a tall order, but can work if you take the time to do it. (Yes, Buddy, you do…how else are you going to get more sex with your hot wife? If she’s not hot now, she WILL be after you both read my book)

Here are some VERY important tactics to pull this off:

1. Always start off your comment with “I feel”. If you say, “You make me mad the way you laugh at me.” That becomes an attack. Technically, YOU make yourself mad. Instead say, “I feel angry when you laugh like that. I know that is not your intention, but I do feel small when you do that.”

2. Start with letting her know that you are not perfect and you’ve done plenty to upset her. By letting her know that you are human and have defects like we all do levels the playing field. “I’m far from perfect and I know I’ve pissed you off before, so it’s probably no surprise, honey, that I felt the same way when you said that thing the other day.”

3. Don’t interrupt. The worst thing in the world is to interrupt a person. It clearly shows that you were not listening, digesting and analyzing what the person was telling you. Instead you were thinking about what YOU wanted to communicate. A person is incapable of listening if they are formulating a sentence. Let her talk first and let her get it all out. Period.

There are plenty more ideas for professional arguing. From my standpoint, the two words, “Yes dear” are the WORST advice to give to a man about to be wed. Being a milk-toast, Oprah-fied, emasculated nice guy is not what a woman wants, anyway. Most women want a strong, secure, confident man who can love her, respect her, and be a man. Be polite, of course, but don’t acquiesce all arguments. Learn how to listen, encourage and make your points without offense. Instead of “Yes dear” you may try silence followed up by a question. It also works better than “Screw you”.

For more advice on relationships, love, marriage and how to make your wife hot, visit

Why All Self Help Books are for Women


This headline STINKS!  Just because I’m a guy I can’t “improve”? Just because my solution to her comment that, “We don’t talk enough”  is my, “I think more oral sex will work”  I am shunned from my wife….well, uhm…yeah!

Men are really simple creatures. Women are not. (At least that is what men THINK) In reality, both genders are very simple, If we study human history and biology we can solve half of the equation of mis-communication between us.

From an anthropological and historical sense, men are the providers. We used our strength to “kill mastodon…bring back to cave…make more people”.

Our female counter parts spent millions of years nurturing and caring for the young. It is only in the past 100 years or so that these roles have merged, crossed over and otherwise co-mingled. Think about the time line. 100 years divided by 1 million years of evolution is 1/10,000. That’s like being told for 50 years that the world is flat, you lived it, you breathed it, your parents were both told that, etc. and then in less than a second it all changed. The earth has always been round, don’t you see?

Men produce billions of sperm per year. Why? In order to propogate the species, of course! Women prepare 1 egg per month…hmmm….I’m no math genius, but isn’t there something wrong here? Yes, I know that many of our guys can’t swim, some are warrior sperm designed to attack and kill other guys sperm. But, the fact remains that men can reproduce into their 70’s, women peak late 40’s/early 50’s and our urge to reproduce at all costs is why our species proliferates the planet.

Now, all of a sudden women tell us we have to search our feelings? UH, my feelings are centrally located in my pants, my dear. It’s not my fault. Blame evolution, God, or that last Mastodon kill that made me feel so virile!

In all seriousness, we CAN talk, share our feelings and connect with women. It’s just not that easy to accomplish. And for that we can blame the media, our fathers, and anyone else who has uttered the words:

  • “Be a man.”
  • “Suck it up.”
  • “Semper Fi”
  • “There’s no crying in baseball!”

The list goes on and on. Men are conditioned from a very early age not to cry, express their feelings, or shed any emotion. Is that evolution or environmental conditioning? Probably both, My Fair Lady. (Or “Trading Places” if you are into 80’s movies)

So in order for us to relate emotionally vs. physically and if a woman wants us to express our inner feelings we have to take a break from our manliness and listen.  If you are a woman and you desire a deeper connection or simply wants to avoid arguments, the simplest strategy is to be attentive to our needs, relax, and don’t ask, (at least not directly) “how we feel.” That is a chick question and we seriously don’t know how to answer it. Sorry. We CAN improve our communication, however. It takes patience and a bit of manipulation on your part (Shouldn’t be a problem-right?) Since men are visual and pretty much walking hard on’s, appeal to that aspect of ourselves and you can pry all the information you want out of us. Professional spies have done this for years. You can too! You don’t have to even feel guilty about it. I am not suggesting sleeping with the enemy, here. I am suggesting being that incredibly hot girlfriend you were when he met you! You once were. Perhaps 12 years of marriage, 2.5 kids, a mortgage, sleepless nights, and piano recitals have made you both forget what it was like to be boyfriend/girlfriend and date each other. Since you are smarter than he is, go ahead and start. Put on your sexiest outfit, kidnap him after work, go to a cheap hotel, and rock his world. Don’t even try to tell me that won’t affect him in a positive sense!

Guys, if you REALLY want to have sex with a smokin’ hot MILF and be sore every other day, you HAVE to learn the skills of communicating on a deep, emotional level with your woman. It isn’t as simple as saying, “I really love you” or “You are everything to me.” Words are a great start. But women are smarter than us, of course. You need to increase your emotional strength and communication.

Bottom line is, you have to lead.

My book, Make Your Wife Hot, has been reported to have a chauvinist title. DUH! Of course! It is oriented to men. However, I am not afraid to admit this, guys…my wife and I co-wrote it. Clearly 1/2 of the content is emotionally-based strategy and tactics that women clearly want and need.

In fact, we surveyed and polled nearly one hundred couples and women to come up with the essence of sex in a relationship, from a woman’s perspective. We did this because (generally speaking) guys want more sex.

Actually, women do too. They just call it love. Men crave sex in order to “feel” love and woman crave love in order to have sex. It’s simple but so many men get the order wrong. They think that their sexual prowess in the bedroom will make a woman swoon and be loyal to them forever. BUZZ! WRONG! If that were true, you wouldn’t see so many average looking guys with smokin’ hot wives. (The opposite is rarely true-sorry ladies)

Women crave security. This security can come in many forms from financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. Going back to the Mastodon example, as long as Thor brought back enough meat to feed the little ones, life was bliss (or at least survivable). Now that supermarkets are in vogue, financial security has largely replaced brute strength. That’s why rich-middle aged male celebrities often end up with supermodels.

NOTE: If you are a middle aged woman threatened by that statement then you DEFINITELY need to read my ebook. You have more experience, sex appeal and confidence than any supermodel…your hubby knows it. Reading my book and applying the principles will make him yours-forever.

So, guys, do yourself a favor. Start reading an occassional self-improvement book or relationship book. You will understand that women aren’t really that complex. She will shower you with sex (and love) every time she catches you reading that book, listening to her talk or sees you picking up your underwear. All of these activities are a turn on in some fashion. DO IT!

For more ideas, strategies and tactics on creating a sexually-charged relationship for life, visit

Use Your Headboard for Traction


Sometimes the smallest thing can make the BIGGEST difference. Last night as I pounded my wife, I did a 180 degree turn, put my feet on the headboard and pounded her so hard she screamed in pain.

This is very different from the normal position that gave her a headache when, during intercourse, she banged HER head on the headboard and nearly had a concussion.

It is not technically in the Kama Sutra manual, but using your headboard (or just the wall, Felix!) to gain some extra traction can make your Johnson seem an extra inch or two in length. You’ll probably have to re-adjust each other a few inches towards the wall every so often, as the sliding affect will normally push you both away from the traction you achieve by this technique.

For an extra bit of support, try a pillow under her ass during this method. It’s an age-old trick for smaller guys, but it will make all you average guys out there have sexual intercourse like a porn star!

Well, it’s 4:30 AM and I hear her soft moans of desire calling me back…for more details on how to make your wife incredibly hot, sexy, and horny visit and I will throw in a couple of FREE reports for you. Visit my other blog entries as well. There are stories, techniques, and commentary here that is not in the book and definitely worth the read.

David Letterman, Sex, Youth & What IS funny


David Letterman’s joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter, retraction and innuendo are all part and parcel to what guys think…youth and sex go hand in hand. And yes…it was funny! Here’s why…

First of all, he intended the joke about the 18 year-old. Fair game-right? Let’s take it to the logical extension. If someone tried to make the SAME joke about Senator Palin’s 86 year-old mother, it wouldn’t be funny or even relevant. Oh, and by the way, it’s not entirely our fault, guys. The reason we don’t make promiscuous comments to grandmas is because their biological clock was turned off years ago.

Many people blame the media for putting lipstick on 14 year old Victoria Secret models. My own wife, formerly in advertising, winces at Chanel ads with 15 year-old’s. However, from an anthropological standpoint, men are SUPPOSED to have sex with vibrant, youthful and FERTILE females! That’s right. We won’t stand a chance propagating the species if we somehow “turned off our testosterone” and only focused on her “personality”. Sorry. We weren’t designed by our creator to be guests on the Oprah show. We were designed to kill the Mastodon, bring it back to the cave, and create more offspring with our youthful, attractive and fertile wives.

Making sure we STAY married, and STAY engaged with our wives regardless of our primeval desires can be challenging for some. For information, ideas, and my blog on this visit and you may actually turn your June Cleaver look-a-like for a Denise Richards certified MILF.

David Letterman’s joke about the 18 year old daughter was funny. Too bad he missed the name and made the joke about a girl who was 14. It was about as innocent as a typo. One that his writer’s should have caught. It probably would have worked if the joke was related to putting the 14 year old in a Ambercrombie and Fitch ad…on second thought, maybe it wouldn’t, because they already do that!

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