Why Married Men Should Read Playboy


There aren’t many icons out there as recognizable as the bunny with the bow tie. The playboy logo has been around for decades and continues to be a thriving brand as it moved from magazines, to online to reality shows.

As a married guy, what can you learn from Playboy?
Doesn’t the little woman get jealous seeing you going ‘ga-ga’ over girls that are young enough to be your daughters?

Well, yeah! As my wife aged the playboy bunnies seemed to some how become younger and their breasts continue to grow! Does this threaten my wife. It used to.

Women tend to personify themselves when men’s eyes stray. The feeling they have in their heart is “I am not good enough”. This creates jealousy and that emotion manifests itself in many evil ways including cutting you off from sex, giving you the cold shoulder or worse, telling you to clean the gutters when “The Girls Next Door” is on television.

There is a simple solution to this challenge.

First of all, you have to bridge the gap between sexuality and love. Men are visual and I’m sorry, but those models are hot. Even a smokin’ hot 40 year old wife can’t always compete with a 19 year old hard body. The message you must convey to your wife is that these images are nothing more than visual stimuli. The image in a video or magazine is no different than a harlequin novel or a fantasy you have with her. The difference is that they LOOK like real people. Remind her that they are not.

When you separate sexual stimulation from love at this level, your wife can begin to realize that we ALL need or want passion and that getting a little help from a sex toy, magazine or video is simply an accessory to love, not a competing image of desire.

Additionally, by encouraging your wife to do the same levels the playing field. My wife is totally turned on by a few foreign accents. My role play as a foreign diplomat isn’t close to Oscar material, but is is sufficient to create an “Affair to Remember” in her mind’s eye.

So go ahead, renew or subscribe today.

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You owe it to yourself AND your relationship to spice it up, make it exciting, and create the sexually-charged passion you BOTH desire.

Share the jokes, articles and visual pleasing images WITH your wife. By including her in your thoughts she won’t see your interest as competition, merely a way to spice things up, keep them interesting and bring your passion to new heights and your intimacy closer.