Adult Drive-Thru Store in Alabama Offers Privacy


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — Gabrielle Silva takes down a customer’s order from the drive-thru window, stuffs a bag full of products and passes it outside to the couple waiting in a car. Unless you are from Alabama, you probably didn’t know that vibrators are illegal.

In fact, unless you have a medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcemen need for a sex toy, you are subject to a misdemeanor offense in Alabama, the third notch in the bible belt.

Don’t believe me? You can read the full article here.

What year is this, anyway?

It’s 2011, folks and its time we realize that sex isn’t bad, naughty or should be a secret. Heck, without it, our species and ALL life on this planet wouldn’t be here! What’s the deal?

Thankfully, creative entrepreneurs like Florida businesswoman, Sherri Williams developed a workaround for this archaic law. Customers buying toys — items that can be used for sexual stimulation — fill out an anonymous form with 10 questions including whether they or a partner have difficulty with sexual fullfillment.

What is it about sex that makes people anxious, nervous and feel the need to hide it-act as if nobody does it? Clearly, based on businesspeople such as Williams, the sex toy industry does more to bring happiness and joy than most other entertainment products. In fact, the ability to save a marriage probably does more for our society than all the legislation lawmakers can throw at same-sex marriage or any other moral-based laws.

So the next time you are in Alabama, be sure to pay a visit to Pleasures One Stop Romance Shop. The marriage you save, could be your own.

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Best Sex Position for Powerful Orgasms


orgasm sex positionsYou wouldn’t race a VW bug in the Indy 500 and you wouldn’t drive your Mercedes coupe to pick up wood chips, so why do you think that all of your sex positions are designed for the same feeling? You have a wonderful arsenal of different positions for the three of you (That’s for me, her and us!) Moods, energy levels and a variety of desires can make your sex average to downright earth-shattering if you are in sync with all of the forces in play.

In this series of articles, we will explore a variety of sexual positions, their strengths, weaknesses, when they are best introduced and more importantly I’d like YOUR FEEDBACK on how they work, the pace you took and the results you had when exploring them. Come on…it’s time to share the love!

1. Missionary Of all the positions, guy on top, girl on bottom, this is a standard and favorite for you, her and the couple (Y,H,C). Here’s why: When a man is on top, he can thrust the penis. This is simply the way we were built. It works pretty well and the power, control and penetration is very satisfying for the man. For many women, however, clitoral stimulation is not optimized. Her vaginal stimulation is decent, but the REAL feeling she receives is that of being slammed. When a woman is being dominated (Meant with all due respect, of course) her feminine side is revealed. Women WANT a strong and powerful man to desire them. This need of being with a powerful man means that her offspring have a better chance of being successful. Sorry to make it so anthropological, but at the core of feelings, that is where it comes from.

Your pace and variety will be important here. Men who watch too much porn believe that having sex like a rabbit is the only way to go. If you vary your pace, frequency and rhythm of movement you add some variety to the session and you actually stimulate different nerve endings in yourself and your partner. Go ahead and slam it home like your a jack hammer. Just don’t forget to try a few slow and steady moves to add a little variety.

In order to give her a powerful orgasm with the missionary position, you’ll have to add some clitoral stimulation (over 70% of women orgasm with clitoral stimulation). Here are some ways to do that during sex in the missionary position.

1. Put a pillow under her rear. Get her body to curve upwards. This will bring your penis closer to the roof of her vagina and give you an opportunity to stimulate her G spot. Moreover, you can use your hand or fingers to stimulate the clitoris and bring her to orgasm when she is ready.

2. Get her to assist you. During pre-orgasm, gently glide her hand over to her clitoris to bring her to climax. By making this a true team effort, you’ll both be happier and more satisfied. If she is embarrassed to touch herself in front of you, you may have to take this maneuver in steps.

3. Toy assist. There are cock rings and smaller vibrators than can fit nicely around her clitoral region during sex. Be sure to buy 2 or more of these at a time. Your chances of getting the perfect appliance that works for the two of you is rare. It unlikely that if she already has a toy, that it’ll work for the two of you. Most women who pack a vibrator friend use it while on their back WITHOUT you around. Introducing your body on top when her “friend” is working won’t be the same. With a new position, comes a new appliance. Variety is the SPICE of life!sex position orgasm

We’ll cover more positions from now until the holidays. Be sure to check in every day, leave your comments and pick up a copy of my FREE ebook, the 4 minute rolling orgasm by registering on the right side of my blog.

-Doug Steponin

Why Married Men Should Read Playboy


There aren’t many icons out there as recognizable as the bunny with the bow tie. The playboy logo has been around for decades and continues to be a thriving brand as it moved from magazines, to online to reality shows.

As a married guy, what can you learn from Playboy?
Doesn’t the little woman get jealous seeing you going ‘ga-ga’ over girls that are young enough to be your daughters?

Well, yeah! As my wife aged the playboy bunnies seemed to some how become younger and their breasts continue to grow! Does this threaten my wife. It used to.

Women tend to personify themselves when men’s eyes stray. The feeling they have in their heart is “I am not good enough”. This creates jealousy and that emotion manifests itself in many evil ways including cutting you off from sex, giving you the cold shoulder or worse, telling you to clean the gutters when “The Girls Next Door” is on television.

There is a simple solution to this challenge.

First of all, you have to bridge the gap between sexuality and love. Men are visual and I’m sorry, but those models are hot. Even a smokin’ hot 40 year old wife can’t always compete with a 19 year old hard body. The message you must convey to your wife is that these images are nothing more than visual stimuli. The image in a video or magazine is no different than a harlequin novel or a fantasy you have with her. The difference is that they LOOK like real people. Remind her that they are not.

When you separate sexual stimulation from love at this level, your wife can begin to realize that we ALL need or want passion and that getting a little help from a sex toy, magazine or video is simply an accessory to love, not a competing image of desire.

Additionally, by encouraging your wife to do the same levels the playing field. My wife is totally turned on by a few foreign accents. My role play as a foreign diplomat isn’t close to Oscar material, but is is sufficient to create an “Affair to Remember” in her mind’s eye.

So go ahead, renew or subscribe today.

Click on the magazine image on the right.

You owe it to yourself AND your relationship to spice it up, make it exciting, and create the sexually-charged passion you BOTH desire.

Share the jokes, articles and visual pleasing images WITH your wife. By including her in your thoughts she won’t see your interest as competition, merely a way to spice things up, keep them interesting and bring your passion to new heights and your intimacy closer.

How Do I Have a Quickie?


How do I have a quickie?

Why do I WANT a quickie?

A quickie doesn’t hit the same pleasure centers of our brain as soft lights, quiet music and slow seduction. Those environmental triggers cause our romantic qualities to surface. A quickie is designed to attack our base desire to have sex…fast, dangerous and utterly animalistic. A quickie is designed to create an atmosphere of “I have to have you now, I don’t care that we haven’t finished dinner” attitude. This absolute hunger for raw sex is what makes a quickie attractive and effective, but only if you’re doing it right.

Just because the act of sex is quick, doesn’t mean there is no foreplay. Most women (and a few men) need a warm up before going to bat. Foreplay for a quickie is a matter of suggestion, plenty of eye contact and innuendoes of lust and sex. If you want to make her groan and moan as if you’d already spent hours warming her up be sure to follow 3 simple rules:

1. Communication: Women are verbal—sometimes communication can be just as good as foreplay. So whisper in her ear about how hot she looked at the restaurant this evening; how you could barely keep your hands to yourself; how her breasts are perfect and how you can’t wait to feel her, etcetera. Make sure your non-verbal communication is in concert with the words you use and the attitude you bring. Don’t be a leering deviant. Think James Bond. Hold your gaze on her longer than usual.

2. Lubrication: A woman can be turned on and emotionally ready for sex and not have the preparation down south. Be sure to pack a water-based lubricant that washes off easily and doesn’t degrade latex condoms. Having lubricant should be as common as condoms or breath mints. There are obviously convenient carry-on sizes for air travel (A favorite quickie location!) For extra fun, try the new Sex Toy Fun flavored lubricants. With over 57 flavors (No they don’t have ketchup) you’ll be sure to find a few that are pleasing to the palette.

3. Location: If you’re having standing sex, consider the stairwell. Elevators are perfect and depending on your height, a well placed set of books can match things up. If there are no elevated accessories available, holding your lady up and having her wrap her legs around you work well. Depending on your voyeuristic tendencies, you may put a tissue over the security camera or just be sure the quickie is very quick. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about a quickie is location. When you “have to have her” and she obliges, nothing puts a damper on the moment like not having a place to copulate. Being fast is more important than being creative. Locking office doors, pulling the car off the road, or finding seclude sections of a library are all possible…as long as you are respectful when it comes to noise levels.

Enjoy your life, my friend. It is short and your sex life will be shorter, so make the most of it while you can. For more ideas about making your wife hot, creating a sexually-charged relationship, click on today.

Sex, Murder & Dominatrix…ah to be French


I read a story today about a mistress who shot her lover…nothing new right? Well…the story is compelling for many reasons, primary of which is how STUPID guys are!!! Read the short AP story here and follow my commentary and how YOU, dear reader, can get the girl, have hot sex, and not end up broke, dead, or worse…humiliated!

Here’s the direct link:

Don’t read further without reading the story above…my comments won’t make sense without the background.

Here are a 3 quick tips on having an affair:

1. Don’t promise to marry your mistress…ever. Even if you are passionately in love with her, 90% of the time, you’ll change your mind. More likely, you’ll probably be MORE excited if she stayed your mistress-right? Most guys FAIL at dating their wives and they end up with the “excitement” of an affair and mistress. Be honest…but not too honest, otherwise you can bet your latex suit you’ll get shot by that temptress!

2. Never role play where you get tied up and leave a loaded gun in the drawer. This is really Darwin at work! HELLO? We’ll cover the dominatrix stuff later, but geez…leaving a gun around during this type of action is not smart. I am not even going to talk about David Carradine.

3. Putting $1 million in a bank account for your mistress is OK as long as you don’t ask for it back. That really tends to irriate people, especially women. If you set up a slush fund for your tawdry affair, just make it a monthly deposit. There is an old saying that we shouldn’t gamble with anything you aren’t prepared to lose.

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