Waxing: Ounce of Pain for a Pound of Pleasure


Well, here is a pretty sensitive and delicate post, guys and gals…waxing!

20 years ago, not many people ever heard the term, “Brazilian wax.” For many baby-boomers, we have missed this trend. Fellas, I am here to encourage you to STRONGLY lobby the little woman to consider this.

For the truly naive, a Brazilian wax is not a “bikini” wax that takes off the surrounding pubic hair, but takes ALL the hair off of the area. For many women, it equates to more than simply an “ounce of pain.” as the waxing process is not pain-free. Unlike many guys, I actually have had a small waxing procedure done on my eyebrows so I know first hand how much this process hurts (although my experience is probably only 10% of what my wife goes through). Enough of how painful this is, let’s talk about the upside!

First of all, I can tell you that the quality of my wife’s orgasms has easily doubled. The QUANTITY of her orgasms has easily increased 200% or more and we can thank the Brazilian wax process for a large part of this. Removing her pubic hair makes her entire region infinitely more sensitive and at first we had to pace ourselves because her orgasms were quicker and uncontrollable. With some patience and experience, we have been able to bring them on as often as we’d like without any loss of intensity.

For me, all I can tell you is that the experience of going down as increased immeasurably. No longer do I get symptoms of “nature’s dental floss” when I am practicing being a cunning linguist. I always enjoyed “dining at the Y” but now, I relish in it as often as possible.

I could go on, but need to keep the blog R rated for now…for more details on how to make your wife hot, visit www.makeyourwifehot.com.

If your woman has a low pain threshold and is adamant about NOT getting a brazilian wax, there are alternatives! (Don’t you just love technology!) Check out these compact shavers that are DESIGNED for sensitive areas of the skin (Including YOURS, Chuck!) Click on the image below and start experiencing a smoother experience and BETTER orgasms!