Letter From an Escort


My wife has been DYING to contribute to this blog. I have repeatedly told her that it is designed for men about men’s issues, she recently insisted to the point where I had to yield. (No we never withhold sex to get what we want…but there was some serious teasing to influence me!)

Many times we read erotic stories in order to live in a fantasy state. Imagine what YOUR life will be like when your 1 or 2 dimensional fantasies become 3 dimensional experiences you can order up like a Big Mac! Below is a brief example of what happened to me the other afternoon. For more steamy stories, strategies to get MORE sex and turn your wife into your passionate lover, visit Make Your Wife Hot. For now, Enjoy…

You must know first that in spite of our two to three hour love session that started downstairs and worked it’s way through our beautiful home back downstairs again, the foreplay started at eleven o’clock that day.  I would love to tell you how a met this beautiful woman with seductive curves and silky red hair and we had an afternoon delight, but I will share with you another time how that other afternoon went.

I told you it would take a lifetime to know everything you’ll ever want to know about me.  I missed you terribly while you were on your last trip. I wanted you to have a unique experience coming home as always. I love creating experiences for us that are intimate in many ways, sometimes a bit playful and even edgy.

Eva’s Wig Shop opened at eleven that day, and I headed down there. I was thinking that this would be fun to be a different shade for you. Before I left the house, I started feeling very giddy and even a bit naughty about this.  I had never been to Eva’s before and thought I’d start my fantasy early without you present. As I was about to leave, I changed into a sexy, kind of slutty looking dress. I threw on a sexy push-up bra and my 6 inch stilettos. I then grabbed my large black Chanel sunglasses and my leopard skin handbag.

Today I put the top down on the Mercedes and cranked up some sexy dance tunes. The wind was blowing my long, wavy, brown hair, and I was feeling naughty. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my even fuller double D breasts and hiked up my skirt even more to let the sun hit them and warm up my inner thighs. I pulled up and parked. As my long, sexy legs stepped out of the car, I was already getting whistles. I thought ,”Wait til they see the hot blond that’s getting in the car in a bit.” I always heard that blonds had more fun. Today I would find out.

I stepped into Eva’s and a young twenty something year old asked how she could help me. I told her that I needed a full sexy blond wig. She asked my name as she was assisting me and out came, “Natasha.” And with this sexy accent.  She said, “ I have the perfect one for you.”  As she put on the first wig, my fantasy was growing inside my mind. She tried on another one and as she laid the first one on the counter, flashbacks of the movie Pretty Woman came in my head.

She asked, “Special occasion?” I smiled with a smirk and replied, “ My special friend likes blonds.” I was feeling so naughty at the fantasy of being a very bad girl now. I could feel my lips swelling between my thighs. “ This was so fun for me and a now I was dreaming of her secretly having an attraction to me. As she brushed my new silky blond hair, I watched her in the mirror envisioning standing at home with the two of us girls in nothing but g-strings, heels and our wigs preparing to play.

As I went to pay, I realized that I gave a fictitious name and couldn’t use my credit card. She asked, “Cash or Credit?” I looked at her intently as I replied back, “Cash of course.” And handed her three crisp hundred dollar bills.  I was feeling wild and horny and could not wait to get home.

I realized that I had spent way too long in the shop and you were possibly already home and I was right. I decided to keep the fantasy going and when I stepped inside and you were there waiting and of course our fantasy continued.

When you looked into my eyes, you were surprised but then you smiled in delight knowing what was yet to come. Your faithfulness to our rules was incredibly sexy and made me wet. You willingness to be totally obedient to accepting the love gift of this beautiful Natasha was what put me over the edge.  I knew this was going to be an amazing afternoon.  I could feel at times that you knew, because our bodies do move like a symphony. As I would mix things up fantasizing that you were my “special client”, I would become even more turned on.

As our hot love making and bunny pounding afternoon continued, I had a really hot moment near the end, after “Natasha” left.

I loved continuing our play and kissing you.  I loved how startled you got for a moment when I kissed you and pulled back and told you I could smell her wet pussy on your lips. I asked you if you loved fucking her as much as me and how next time I want you to video tape it for me and we can watch it when we fuck.  I loved how your cock grew even more as I ordered you to make sure you do that.

I must tell you, sweetheart, that I am madly in love with you and you make me so hot, baby.  Maybe next time you can play with Briana, the red-head, that I send for you or maybe next time I’ll bring back that sexy little twenty something year old from Eva’s and you can eat her delicious little pussy while I brush her long silky hair.

Love always, Your Lovely Bride

“Always on our honeymoon..”

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Gov. Mark Sanford Grilled Over Ethics


Poor Mark Sanford…Just when the media barrage has died down about his midlife crisis, affair and “gone missing” time the ethics committee decide to investigate “ethics” HA!



Putting the title “ethics” on any governmental body is a joke. There are approximately 450,389,211 jokes about the moral and ethical hypocrisy with politicians (Compared to only 387,789,466 jokes about religious leaders moral quandaries).

Listen, Mark…you messed up. Rule #1 regarding mistresses or affairs is to use the “Godfather” strategy of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. The Appalachian trail is SOOOO far away from South America. With no back up alibi, you were doomed to be caught (like 99% of all people who delve into infidelity) the moment you didn’t admit you WERE in Argentina. This is why many politicians (including those on ethics panels) only have affairs with interns and secretaries…it makes the alibis so much easier to substantiate. Sadly, your soul mate excuse doesn’t ring true to anybody buy yourself and approximately 2 million men and women in America who are going through a midlife crisis. I guess I am one of the few “free spirits” that understands your conflict.

How does Governor Sanford’s dilemma relate to you?

Are you having an affair?

Do you want to?

Are you getting over one?

During an affair, the excitement, intrigue and even danger of discovery is a intoxicating feeling. Actually, the high people get from an affair lasts longer than normal sex because the preparation for the interludes is rife with thoughts of your steamy liaison and the hiding of your whereabouts adds to your endorphin levels. Having an affair is extra exciting!

Of course, like any drug, the downside can be horrible. The guilt that many people bury can weigh on you like a migraine headache…pounding ceaselessly without any relief.

What makes it worse is the proliferation of dating sites (or hook up sites) that cater to married people! There are some that are blatant and obvious and others that are more subtle and offer articles weighing the pros and cons. If you are experimenting with an open marriage or think that you can handle the guilt along with the excitement of an affair, you may have already gone to sites like…

Go on, make yourself happy - have an affair!

Discreet Married Dating

Europeans have never had as much trouble as the descendants of the Pilgrims here in the states. Having a mistress on the side is not necessarily as common as a Frenchman with bad manners, but it is more widely accepted in many cultures especially among powerful men.

If you are looking for a SAFE and EXCITING respite from your dull marriage or relationship, I have the perfect solution…

Have an affair WITH your girl!

It takes some practice and you will have a few embarrassing moments. Truthfully, it will never be 100% as exciting or thrilling as a real affair. But, if you can achieve 80-90% of the raw feelings during your preparation, role play and trist without the threat of STD’s or divorce, that seems like a good deal to anyone.

For details on creating a powerful affair with your wife or girlfriend, click on my earlier post “Roleplay=Foreplay” and start practicing your South American accent. The life you save will definitely be your own.

Midlife Crisis? 8 Reasons to Listen to Your Inner Penis


Governor Sanford, Mel Gibson, and 38 million men in their midlife can’t all be wrong! Midlife crisis (Or midlife transformation if you are a Buddhist or Zen expert) is a temporary situation. Your life isn’t over, but by the time your crisis is, you’ll be three years closer to the grave. Maybe you’ve had thoughts of taking up oil painting or taking up adrenaline-based activities like bungee jumping or  hiring hookers in Panama.

Not sure if you are in a midlife crisis? Have you had thoughts such as:

•You are seriously thinking about “hiring a pro” next time you are in Vegas.
•You recently looked in the mirror and saw your dad.
•Your wife is not appealing to you anymore (and Stacey in accounting definitely is!)
•Your sex drive is waning or you just can’t go as long as you did a few years ago.
•Your wife and you have drifted apart and don’t share the same enthusiasm for life.
•You flirt more than before and/or you have looked at more porn than usual.
•Your midsection is flabby no matter how much you diet or exercise
•You think more about the past than the future.

Hello, chump…you are in a midlife crisis!

A midlife crisis cannot be treated like any problem or challenge previously experienced. There is no article, book, or therapy session that will fix it all today. Going to a fantasy ball camp or going across the country on Harley’s with your friends won’t fix it all by itself either. The journey one must go through is just that-a journey. In order to come out of this phase BETTER, STRONGER and HAPPIER one will need to reflect, grow, and map out their personal journey. Here are 8 tips to help you cry, rejoice or stay miserable:

1. Stop reading stories about success! When a guy in MLC (midlife crisis) reads about some 11 year old learning to fly or some 28 year old billionaire, not only is it an EXTREME exception, it makes us normal guys physically sick. Read about Colonel Sanders or Ray Kroc. These guys didn’t hit their business stride until their MLC was over, and their pecker was gathering dust.

2. Share ALL your perverted thoughts with your spouse. Don’t hold back. Who cares that you “thought” about a three-some when you were in Vegas! Studies have shown that 82% of guys fantasize about it, 17% pull it off, and only 1% talk to their spouses about ANYTHING! Be a contrarian and let her know. That way she won’t be surprised if you leave her for a Peruvian cage dancer. Who knows, she may be one of the 12% of women who will entertain the idea of a three-some! If you want to try to beat these odds, go ahead and read “How to Convince your Wife to Bring Home a Girlfriend” on my blog.

3. Take some time every day to reflect, think, and beat off. Listen, your life may be at a crossroad and you may decide to keep sucking up to your boss and stay with your frumpy wife. Hell, you may even elect not to get a hooker, stay faithful and suck it up, so at least take some amount of time for yourself and be happy for 8-10 minutes!

4. Definitely exercise more. Your MLC isn’t because the world is moving faster than your Nike’s, it is because you have one Florsheim in the grave already. Don’t worry, dude, everybody returns to their youth, and just because you may be wearing diapers in a few years doesn’t mean you can’t have a sexy nurse feed you your oatmeal or leave a good looking corpse. The more you convert your frustration and anxiety into meaningful exercise, the better you will feel. Plus, if you decide to get a divorce your chances of landing a nubile 29 year old with father issues instead of your mom’s friends increases ten-fold.

5. Don’t hire an escort. It is simple psychology, really. You are getting old and your body craves young, fertile females to breed with. If you are married, you run a few risks (Duh!). I shouldn’t have to remind you, but since your brain has relocated 4 inches below your belt, you need a reminder. Your 15 minutes of pleasure will be a temporary escape from the reality of your age. You didn’t REALLY impress her, Chuck. You aren’t REALLY going to marry Julia Roberts like in Pretty Woman. (Unless you look like Richard Gere and have a few million of disposable cash)

6. Cry every once in a while in front of your wife. Go ahead, let go and let it out. When the guys get together, we won’t share THAT information! But when you let your guard down in front of her, she’ll see your vulnerability, get in touch with your sensitive side, and probably give you a hummer. In any case, you’ll win points for sharing and you deserve some kind of reward for that!

7. Find a person or venue to vent…really vent. Of all the things that will make you feel better temporarily (including physical exercise, basket weaving, or blowing stuff up) the ability to talk it out, scream, or just get the crap out of your head is very important. Many of us tend to ponder the same garbage over and over again in our brains. Dumping those thoughts either on paper, to a therapist, or a non-judgemental friend is important. (NOTE: Be sure not to dump TOO much on your buddy, otherwise you may bore him to death as he pretends to care about your garbage. Or worse, he may open up and share how HIS life is even more miserable than yours!)

8. Read a few articles on midlife transformation (Eastern philosophy). The word midlife crisis is used as a Western reference point only. It isn’t really a crisis in the grand scheme of things, after all. You haven’t lost your kids and brothers in a Nazi concentration camp, chump. It’s just that our society has paved the way for you to have SO MUCH free time, that you can actually do something with your life, if you want to. Our great grandfathers were too busy working 90 hours per week to notice they were going to croak at 48. Your situation gives you the GIFT of a second life. Don’t cry too much about it. You really can take up skeet shooting as a career as long as you’ve socked away a few bucks for the trailer home in Okeechobee.

-Doug Steponin