Surprise her TODAY; Get Great Sex TONIGHT!


If you are a reader of my blogs (and you really should!) you know that the way to get your wife wet beyond belief is to be the prince she THOUGHT she married! You see, after a dozen or more years of marriage, many people simply get bored with the relationship and seek “new” adventures to get that spark back. Meanwhile, they may jettison a relationship that has the POWER to become more meaningful and fulfilling than ever!

Doug, really? Are you high?

Not really. You see, in order to get YOUR wife to become the sex slave you truly desire, she has to WANT to become the alluring temptress that you want. If you started out in your early days (like most of us did) impressing her with your charm, wit and good looks, its safe to say, “That ain’t cutting it anymore, Chuck!” She knows all your lines, routines, witty jokes and has your M.O. down pat. In order for you to IMPRESS, COURT, and WOW her, you have to do something completely different. In fact, the ONLY way to get YOUR wife to be hotter is to show her that she is! Check out our book for details.

Most women LOVE surprises-right? (Not the surprise that you will be an hour late for the opera-champ) Make TODAY the day you will surprise her with something. I guarantee that the extra effort you put forth however simple will first of all, show her that you appreciate her and second, begin the courtship process all over again. Here are a few ideas:

1.     Send her flowers for NO reason. (The IFA, International Floral Association says less than 3% of orders are not associated with a holiday or special event. I made that up, but it is probably true)

2.     Send her a dirty text message. (Make sure she doesn’t leave her phone around for the babysitter to pick up, otherwise, you may have to turn down a hummer from Sally)

3.     Ask her if there are any odd jobs that need taken care of. (WHAT? You mean pre-empt the request that comes every Saturday?)

4.     Get home early, make dinner and leave her a card telling her how much you appreciate her. (Come on guys, you KNOW that you will score that night!)

5.     Offer to take the kids to their lesson or sporting event. (Even if you are already on the shuttle bus schedule, tell her you’d like more time with the kids. Wives love this)

6.     Send her to the spa for ½ or full day. (This one is almost too easy. The best $200 you could spend. If you are courageous, get her a nurse’s outfit for when she returns home)

You get the idea. The more spontaneous you are, the more surprised she will be and the more she will respond with a loving heart and open legs. Get to work, fella! For more ideas, tips, and strategy on making your wife hot visit today.