Housewife by day, Naughty wife by night


When I was dating, there were girls I had great times with, but didn’t bring them home to meet the parents. The girls I DID bring home, were pre-screened as “marriage material.” What does that mean? For most of us, it meant she had what it took to be a supportive spouse, a good mother, and a pillar of the community. Women who fit this description are usually not ex-strippers or biker chicks. After several years of marriage, many of us long for the days of yesteryear. The days of our youth and our wild dates with that slutty cocktail waitress, or a band tramp are most likely great memories, with plenty of excitement.

What if you could train your WIFE to publicly be that adoring wife, but privately be a band groupie or professional escort? (Not for real, but for image purposes) There is a slow and precise method to pulling this off. It takes several weeks to perhaps a few months depending on your wife, her upbringing, sexual desires, and comfort level. Details of this process can be found in my book.

Here are a few first steps:

1. You must let your wife know that you are bored and show her your concern for your marriage. Don’t do anything drastic, just let her know that you realize that your marriage needs to be spiced up. Don’t say that she is boring….only that the marriage needs a jolt.

2. Talk to her candidly about her fantasies, desires, and anything she has thought about but not done. Many women are not very experimental here. If she doesn’t have any, you’ll need to give her some. Get an issue of Cosmopolitan, or some other woman’s magazine that talks about such issues. You can also try a romance novel or sexy movie. (For a list of “sure thing” movies, visit my website)

3. Once she is emotionally and intellectually stimulated, you can move on to satisfying those desires. Take your time and do NOT bring up any of your desires yet. You’ll have to give before you receive so be a good sport and deliver first.

There are dozens of ideas, psychological triggers and moments you can create when you understand what a woman actually wants. Her desire for security and to be “heard” overshadows their sex drive. Be sure to acknowledge those emotional needs first. Once you really tap into that, she’ll recognize that your desire for a secure marriage is important to her and that aspect alone will surely turn her on!

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