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Sex is Mental: Exercise Your Brain


In the world of seduction, pornography and sex we all know that the brain is the most powerful part of our bodies. Without the orchestrated release of endorphins, chemicals, blood and synaptic messages there would be nothing.

The cheap and easy method of stimulation is physical and visual. We can be touched or touch another and stimulate our bodies. Viewing pornographic material is another method of stimulating that very special part of the brain.

There is, of course, an “old school” method that works equally well (If not better) than looking at boobs or people in a sexual romp who are obviously acting! You guessed it…read.

I recently read a terrific short story on wordpress about an interview of a young woman and her trip in an elevator with a perspective employer. It is simple, seductive and so well organized that I am suggesting it to ALL of my readers as an exercise in seduction and stimulation for married couples (or any couple for that matter)

Here it is:

I’m telling you, if you haven’t read the Kama Sutra or studied any other eastern culture, you are missing out on thousands of years of experience. The USA was founded by the puritanical pilgrims, for God’s sake. For the sexually open and honest, read more eastern works on sexuality. You’ll never feel cheap again! (Unless you want to)

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