Abstinence=Great Sex?


How can denying a woman sex lead to more and BETTER SEX?

Well, the first step is going to take some time and rewiring of your puny, male brain. You sex drive is nearly always in the “go” position…hers takes some time to warm up. If you have already read my book (And I strongly encourage you to do so!) then you know that no matter how average, sweet, and attractive your wife is, she was probably hotter when she was younger. I didn’t believe it was possible until a few years ago, but my wife is even HOTTER today than when she was 28. She is thinner, dresses sexier, and her sex drive wears me out on a daily basis. This transformation took research, education, and training-on my part! I outlined this process in my book available on my website.

Three weeks before we were married I had the idea of abstaining from sex before our marriage. Now, I don’t mean to say that either of us was a virgin before the honeymoon. However, by pretending to be “innocent” and by not sleeping together at all for 3 weeks before our marriage, I can tell you that our wedding night was memorable. Now, I am sure that most married couples have great sex on the evening of their wedding. It is a magical time and everyone should claim to have had a terrific time. Imagine how much MORE exciting it could have been for them if they would have abstained from any contact for 3 weeks prior to their wedding day? How much sexual tension can you build up in 3 weeks (or 3 days!).

Every anniversary, we do the same ritual…take a break from our lust for a week or two (It is impossible to go for 3 weeks anymore!) and build up our passions and desires. During this time we tease, titilate, and get each other all hot and bothered, but we do not have sex. On the anniversary night we barely make it out of the restaurant! (Don’t ask about what happened on our last wedding anniversary. Needless to say, we are banned from that place forever)

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