Have your WIFE for dessert


Hey guys, if you want to save $12 AND get your wife to be the nympho that you desire check this out!

Take her out to dinner-TONIGHT! Don’t wait for a special occasion. Don’t plan out some romantic getaway. When you both get home, regardless of what you have planned, tell her that you have something SPECIAL for her and that you have to get out….NOW!

The urgency and anticipation of the secret will drive her crazy. Surprises are always welcome and your ability to “build up”‘ the anticipation is critical. If you need to get a sitter, do that in advance of course. Other than reservations, don’t plan out a thing. Make it as spontaneous for you as it will be for her. Surprises, attention, and security are all emotions that create a passionate relationship and WILL turn an average wife into a smokin’ hot MILF extrodinaire. How do I know? Because I did it! For details click here.

Go to a decent restaurant and DO THE FOLLOWING:

1. Slide her chair back for her and make sure she is seated comfortably.

2. Ask her what she is in the mood for, but be sure to order for her.

3. During dinner stare at her and compliment her on how ravishing she is.

4. When it is time for dessert, ask for it “to go”. Get something that is creamy, smooth and that you both enjoy.

5. If the kids are awake and up and about, DO NOT GO HOME! Drive immediately to the closest hotel in the area (nothing too sleezy). Don’t make reservations and don’t waste time bickering on price. You are only there for a few hours anyway.

6. Once you check in, get the dessert out, slowly undress her, and move her closer to the bed. As you both lie down, get out your desert, and gently apply it to all the areas of her body you want to kiss, touch, and eat. Don’t just paste the obvious areas, champ. Try her belly, arms, neck and legs. Don’t worry. You’ll get to the more sensitive areas in a while. The idea is to make it an experience.

Enjoy your meal, enjoy your desert, enjoy your wife, and enjoy a fulfilling, passionate, and sensual evening. For more ideas, strategies, and techniques that are guaranteed to make your wife hot, visit www.makeyourwifehot.com.

How to Convince Your Wife to Bring Home a Girlfriend


OK, Stud….here it is. The odds are REALLY stacked against you, but remember, not ALL women are created equal! There is a better chance of you winning Playboy’s “Most Interesting Man” contest before you wife will bring home a playmate for you. That being said, IT HAPPENS TO SOMEBODY!!! Here are some simple steps to sway the odds to your favor.

First of all, over 63% of ALL women have “thought” about kissing (or more) another woman. That doesn’t mean they’ve thought about it a ton…but it has crossed their minds. 17% of women surveyed have stated that they have tried it or have thought about it more than twice. A full 8% said that given the right circumstances, they would entertain a three-some with their partner as long as the rules were clear.

So, the odds are 92% that you are going to strike out, chump. Don’t despair! After you read and execute the following steps, you can cut those odds in half, and at the very least, your fantasy time with your wife will increase TREMENDOUSLY! The key is to take a step by step approach to loosening up the mrs. and getting her used to the idea of some “advanced” sex. It is IMPERATIVE that you take these steps in the proper order. Going out of order will set you back months and probably dump you back (maybe permanently) in the 92% of guys who have to keep those fantasies to themselves.

1. Dirty talk more often. This is harmless, playful, and can actually get the 63% bisexual “thinkers” to consider the later steps. If you can’t go further than this because you married sweet polly purebred, that’s OK. You will undoubtedly have the best pillow talk imaginable because it will remain a fantasy. This is where 70% of men end up anyway, so don’t despair. Then again, DON’T give up either!!! Depending on your desire, you may consider the following steps to at least get her to try some 3-D fantasies!

2. Watch porno together. Most of the porno on DVD contains some form of advanced sex. Even the gang bang stuff can be considered harmless by many women (after all, its not THEM in the video-right?). After you get her used to watching a movie every so often, check out the MILF and girl on girl stuff. Have a bottle of wine and be sure to laugh a ton. That will break down the barriers a bit more.

3. Go to a gentleman’s club together. The best way to broach this subject is to let her know that you’ve been to a few and you miss her! (That last convention was fun, but after you got home, you had to choke the chicken instead of giving your wife a few dollar bills) Get her to talk with one or two of the girls. Make sure it is a clean and classy place. Let the dancers know she is a newbie and any professional will help you out by making her feel welcome.

4. If you can get her to a club once, you can do it twice. Next visit, with the right application of alcohol and a week or two of celibacy, you should get her a lap dance. If you can see the same dancer as before, they may strike up a friendship….KaCHING!!!

5. After you have sufficiently warmed up the Mrs. to this classy, harmless, and exciting behavior, you stand a chance of taking it to the next level. Have a playful but serious conversation about experimentation, erotic topics and what it might be like for the 2 or 3 of you. Women respond to emotion. USE That emotion to your advantage. Some women will want a relationship; others won’t. YOU won’t know which way that will go until you start. For more in depth analysis and stories, get the book “Open”.

6. IF you’ve got her to try now the 2nd most difficult part begins…WHO? You can try a professional or amateur…it’s up to the two of you. The more you talk about the rules, guidelines and expectations the better. Hiring an escort is a sure thing. Opening up a erotic dancer is the next best thing. Considering someone you know is a whole other ball game. We will have a full blown ebook on this topic (with testimonials of success stories) coming out soon…stay tuned!

For more ideas on making your wife HOT, visit our website at www.makeyourwifehot.com and feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Foreplay while you are away


Hey guys, I travel quite a bit and always look for new and exciting things to do to keep my wife hot and our love affair steamy. I gotta tell you, sometimes I can use a BREAK! Ever since I unlocked this vixen, she has been wearing me out day after day….rough life! However, just because I am out of town for a week, doesn’t mean I can just recharge my batteries and expect her to be hot and ready upon my return. A female mind and body is NOT wired like ours! I have plenty of scientific and step by step strategies to make your wife hot outlined in my book and below are some ideas to compliment that book, make your love life tingle and make your sex life SCREAM!

1. When you are out of town, be sure to text message her often. Sometimes we cannot say what we think ou loud…some “pure” women are truly embarrassed by dirty talk. However, when you text her, it is one-way communication and it takes any uncomfortable feeling out of the picture. Try it! You’ll be surprised by the naughty text messages you will get back!

2. Shop for her. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but be sure to bring her back something, even if she is not a “gift” type of woman. She will appreciate that you were thinking of her when you were away.

3. Leave her a note, card, or other reminder hidden in the house. When you are away and it’s been a day or two, she will find your note or card and it will not only reminder of how sweet you are, but show her that you are thinking of her OFTEN!

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Viagra: Even When You DON’T Need It!


Listen guys, I know that MOST of us have no problem in the performance or endurance department. However, regardless of your age, sex drive, and/or consistency, there are some distinct advantages to adding a little “umph” to your evening.

If you’ve been married for more than 5 years, then maybe your WIFE would like a little variety in the sack. If your confidence is high-great! But one or both of you probably could use some spice, variety, and/or new thing in your bedroom. If you don’t want to go out and buy a Brad PItt mask, the least you can do is to impress your wife with multiple sessions in one evening. Or, if you are already a 2-3 times per night kinda guy, what about lasting longer? It doesn’t matter if you already go for an hour or two in a session. Any time you change positions, pace, and yes…endurance, you are going to add a new element to your love-making. There are specific, natural enhancers, both psychologic and herbal that have proven to work. For a list of these, please check out my website.

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I am focusing my attention on you middle-aged guys with weak and/or average marriages. You used to be a passionate guy. You and your wife used to laugh more, have sex in odd places, and you were turned on by the very mention of her name. After 10+ years of marriage, many of us see a decline in our passions and our relationships. Kids, work, mortgage, and time all slowly erode what makes us men and what gives us a fire in our belly.

This is 100% YOUR responsibility and you can re-light your marriage and your passions. Sure, there are medical needs for Viagra, Cialis, etc. But there are herbal supplements that can achieve the same thing! In fact, if you really want to see about getting a slight boost on the cheap, here’s one that should help you out this 4th of July….eat more watermelon! A recent scientific survey has determined watermelons contain an ingredient called citrulline that can trigger production of a compound that helps relax the body’s blood vessels, similar to what happens when a man takes Viagra, said scientists in Texas. Don’t take my word for it, check out the link here.

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“Love Guru” Can Make Your Wife HOT!


Admiration, flattery, and compliments are things that we, as humans all crave. People go to extremes for recognition in our society. Your wife is no different. She should be placed on a pedastal by you. In order to make your wife totally hot, you need to formulate a slow, steady, step by step plan that takes into consideration HER needs and yours. Her needs come first, my friend. It is the only way to get what you want. Let’s face it, we ALL want a hot woman on our arm as we walk into a room. It can boost both our egos. So, what if your wife is average? What if she is the kindest, smartest, and nicest person in the world? Doesn’t that count for anything? Of course it does…beauty is skin deep and relationships based soley on physical attraction are doomed from the beginning. However, that does not mean that your wife wants to be frumpy! The simplest, non-materialistic woman in the world still wants to look and feel like a princess. You, as her knight, are responsible for helping her. I outline a specific psychological and practical process for this in my book available online.

Here are some salient points that you need to address and work on in order to have a gorgeous trophy wife like I do!

1. Even BEFORE you take her shopping, (YES…you are going shopping, buddy) compliment her on her features. Tell her how slender her legs are, how trim her waist is, or how sexy her tummy is. Be specific and direct. Tell her that you have always been attracted to these features and it really turns you on.

2. If some of her features are not as hot as they used to be, don’t worry. Throughout this process you will be using specific, positive, effective triggers to get her to tone up, lose weight, and dress up for the both of you! Don’t give her false flattery. If her rear is too big, don’t say it isn’t…she’ll know you re lying.

3. Go to a NICE store. I’m not bashing Target or Walmart, here. But, if you want a supermodel for a wife, you need to go to where the fashions are. You don’t have to pay retail…go to the sale rack if you can and take the TIME to let her try on as much as she wants.

4. Be honest. If she comes out in something that isn’t flattering, pause and suggest she try something else on. When she does come out with something flattering, use your body language, voice and eyes to let her know how beautiful she is. Having your jaw hit the floor will do more for your relationship than you can imagine. Not all women want to be models, but they all want to be desired by their husbands. Let her know you are impressed!

5. If she can’t decide between 2 outfits, buy them both. Sometimes you may spend a bit more than you are comfortable with. Get over it. Spending money together on things that make her beautiful and make you proud is much cheaper than therapy and/or divorce! Let her know that you WANT her to spend some cash on herself. She may already be the one who spends too much in the household…so what. This shopping trip is being used for her ego, your libido, and to re-ignite the passion in your marriage. If she looks especially fine and your marital progress can handle it, go into the dressing room with her and SHOW her how hot she is….a little fondling or full blown sex in a dressing room is sure to be exciting…don’t get caught, or you won’t be invited to shop there again.

For more ideas, information and tips on making your wife hot, visit my site at www.makeyourwifehot.com.

Odd Jobs=Blow Jobs


As a man, it pains me to admit it, but we are really stupid!

If we realize how EASY it is to impress our wives, we can get all the sex we want. Most of us suffer from waiting to be asked (usually more than once) to clean out the gutters, pick up our underwear, or fix the broken door handle. We have plenty of excuses not to, of course. We work hard, need a break, the game is on right now, or I will get to it later, are all reasonable and popular excuses for not getting things done promptly (or at all). I am as guilty of this as the next guy….until now.

You see, when I take even 10 minutes and totally ignore what I want and focus 100% on what she wants, I am seen as a hero. This weekend, when there was plenty of outdoor work to be done AND I had to finish a bunch of reports for work. I elected to get outside and not only do the odd jobs she requested, but 3 or 4 extra ones she had NOT requested. The old adage of “Under-promising and Over-delivering” is used in business all the time. It can also apply to your marriage!

Even taking 10 extra minutes per day and doing that extra odd job can deliver dividends well past the 10 minutes you invested! If you don’t have any odd jobs around the house, why not get her some flowers “just because.” You can wash her car, fix her lunch, vaccum the house, or schedule a facial for her. Doing small things for no particular reason will most likely shock her. But, if you play your cards right and to the proper set up and delivery as outlined in my book, you can expect to be treated like a king!

Go ahead and impress her. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time and rarely costs you any money. By being her knight in shining armor or her handyman extrordinaire, you will be building up an emotional bank account that will allow you to withraw dividends (sexual or otherwise) for months to come.

For more tips, tricks, and a step by step method to making your wife HOT, visit my website at www.makeyourwifehot.com.

Abstinence=Great Sex?


How can denying a woman sex lead to more and BETTER SEX?

Well, the first step is going to take some time and rewiring of your puny, male brain. You sex drive is nearly always in the “go” position…hers takes some time to warm up. If you have already read my book (And I strongly encourage you to do so!) then you know that no matter how average, sweet, and attractive your wife is, she was probably hotter when she was younger. I didn’t believe it was possible until a few years ago, but my wife is even HOTTER today than when she was 28. She is thinner, dresses sexier, and her sex drive wears me out on a daily basis. This transformation took research, education, and training-on my part! I outlined this process in my book available on my website.

Three weeks before we were married I had the idea of abstaining from sex before our marriage. Now, I don’t mean to say that either of us was a virgin before the honeymoon. However, by pretending to be “innocent” and by not sleeping together at all for 3 weeks before our marriage, I can tell you that our wedding night was memorable. Now, I am sure that most married couples have great sex on the evening of their wedding. It is a magical time and everyone should claim to have had a terrific time. Imagine how much MORE exciting it could have been for them if they would have abstained from any contact for 3 weeks prior to their wedding day? How much sexual tension can you build up in 3 weeks (or 3 days!).

Every anniversary, we do the same ritual…take a break from our lust for a week or two (It is impossible to go for 3 weeks anymore!) and build up our passions and desires. During this time we tease, titilate, and get each other all hot and bothered, but we do not have sex. On the anniversary night we barely make it out of the restaurant! (Don’t ask about what happened on our last wedding anniversary. Needless to say, we are banned from that place forever)

For more ideas, strategies, and psychological triggers you can develop to make your wife hot, visit my website at www.makeyourwifehot.com.

It’s the SEX, Stupid!


Some people (frustrated women, mostly) accuse me of focusing too much on sex! I get emails constantly from these people saying that I focus on sex WAY too much in my book, blog, and articles. Obviously, NONE of these people have ever read my book which CLEARLY outlines how we, as men, must be the first to change in our relationships. It is impossible to change another individual who doesn’t want to change! Therefore, the ONLY person we can change is ourselves. It is those subtle and often dramatic changes in ourselves that cause, influence, motivate or hypnotize the other people into wanting to change themselves. I clearly outline this in my book, which is available by clicking here.

If you haven’t read, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” I strongly encourage you to do so. There are dozens of other books that explain how and why we think and act the way we do. I have a recommended video and reading list available on my website. The MORE you understand how a woman thinks, the easier it will be for you to tap into their patterns, beliefs, and core values and use that knowledge to get what you want…MORE SEX!

This isn’t manipulation or “mind control” of course. This is simply communication at a higher level. The more you communicate in the style that makes SENSE to your wife, the more she will reciprocate and communicate in your style.  Here is an example:

Your wife wants to talk…too much. When a woman talks, she wants only one thing; for you to listen. NOT for you to solve, approve, agree, disagree, or ignore….but to listen. The more intently you listen and even just try to understand what she is saying, the more points you will score. These “points” are useful on two levels.

1. When you listen, and listen intently, you will understand her more. This leads to higher communciation, better connectivity and a more intimate relationship.

2. When she believes that you are listening and NOT trying to solve her problems, you will be communicating on her level. Women don’t often need a solution to their monologues, they simply want to be heard. Whomever listens well (usually it is their best girlfriend) is seen as a genuine friend. Imagine if that was you! Her emotional bank account will be filled with your genuine interest…interest that you can withdrawl when the time is right!

So, yeah…it is about the sex. Men need sex to feel loved, and women need love to have sex. As men, it is up to us to lead by example, deliver the intimacy they need, in order to fulfill our own needs. Don’t fake it, by watching the game and saying, “uh huh.”  that will immediately close your account for hours, days or weeks depending on your track record. An attentive listener becomes an attentive lover. 

For more insight into how a woman thinks, how YOU can tap into that power, and make YOUR wife HOT, visit my website by clicking here or visit, www.makeyourwifehot.com.

Your Marriage is BORING!


Dating, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, kids, and then….blah…

Do you remember when you actually dated?
Do you remember when you actually had to pursue your quarry?
Don’t you miss the exhilaration of conquest?

After 2.2 kids, 10+ years of marriage, most men (and women) forget how much fun they had when they went out of their way to actually impress one another. If you want those feelings again (and who doesn’t) you have to actually DATE YOUR WIFE!

Now I am not talking about “date night” where once every week or two, you go out to dinner or a movie without the kids…any moron can do that! If you really want to add TRUE excitement and spice into your boring life, then you must pursue and conquer. Your masculine tendencies MUST be quenched. For a complete guide on creating the smokin’ hot wife of your dreams, visit my website. Below is a sample of the pointers to I’ve used in my 20+ years of marriage to double the excitement and triple the pleasure!

1. Let your wife know that YOU to be excited and to feel alive, that you must pursue and conquer.
2. This isn’t role playing. You both must understand each others real needs.
3. Send her out and let her buy the most seductive outfit imaginable. Get edgy. A little sluty is OK.
4. Before you go out, tell her to go to a bar, take off her ring and relax.
5. Show up 15-20 minutes later and remember what you USED to do to get laid!
6. Tell her NOT to immediately act interested in you. Playing hard to get makes it more fun.
7. It can be more stimulating if she has had a drink or two before you arrive.
8. If you are feeling very confident, ask her to flirt with a guy or two.
9. When you arrive and “win her over” both of your egos are satisfied.
10. Don’t end it here…when you leave, have sex in the car or go to a hotel.

Dating is simply a word for the animal urges that we all have. Our DNA isn’t wired for grocery stores, cubicles, and 7 minutes of sex 2 times per week, As men we are wired to kill the wooly mammoth, protect our families from sabre-toothed tigers, and populate the earth! Now the first two species are extinct. The declining masculinity of the male gender puts us on the endagered species list. Don’t let it happen to you. Let your woman know that you are a man, and that you are going to protect her and provide for her. Being strong, seductive, and strong is a definite turn on for her. After you seduce your wife again, take her back to your cave (not by the hair, necessarily) and bang the shit out of her. If you are smooth AND strong, she will thank you for it!

For more tips, advice, and strategies to drive your wife wild, make her into the MILF you desire, visit my website by clicking here.