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Your Marriage is BORING!


Dating, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, kids, and then….blah…

Do you remember when you actually dated?
Do you remember when you actually had to pursue your quarry?
Don’t you miss the exhilaration of conquest?

After 2.2 kids, 10+ years of marriage, most men (and women) forget how much fun they had when they went out of their way to actually impress one another. If you want those feelings again (and who doesn’t) you have to actually DATE YOUR WIFE!

Now I am not talking about “date night” where once every week or two, you go out to dinner or a movie without the kids…any moron can do that! If you really want to add TRUE excitement and spice into your boring life, then you must pursue and conquer. Your masculine tendencies MUST be quenched. For a complete guide on creating the smokin’ hot wife of your dreams, visit my website. Below is a sample of the pointers to I’ve used in my 20+ years of marriage to double the excitement and triple the pleasure!

1. Let your wife know that YOU to be excited and to feel alive, that you must pursue and conquer.
2. This isn’t role playing. You both must understand each others real needs.
3. Send her out and let her buy the most seductive outfit imaginable. Get edgy. A little sluty is OK.
4. Before you go out, tell her to go to a bar, take off her ring and relax.
5. Show up 15-20 minutes later and remember what you USED to do to get laid!
6. Tell her NOT to immediately act interested in you. Playing hard to get makes it more fun.
7. It can be more stimulating if she has had a drink or two before you arrive.
8. If you are feeling very confident, ask her to flirt with a guy or two.
9. When you arrive and “win her over” both of your egos are satisfied.
10. Don’t end it here…when you leave, have sex in the car or go to a hotel.

Dating is simply a word for the animal urges that we all have. Our DNA isn’t wired for grocery stores, cubicles, and 7 minutes of sex 2 times per week, As men we are wired to kill the wooly mammoth, protect our families from sabre-toothed tigers, and populate the earth! Now the first two species are extinct. The declining masculinity of the male gender puts us on the endagered species list. Don’t let it happen to you. Let your woman know that you are a man, and that you are going to protect her and provide for her. Being strong, seductive, and strong is a definite turn on for her. After you seduce your wife again, take her back to your cave (not by the hair, necessarily) and bang the shit out of her. If you are smooth AND strong, she will thank you for it!

For more tips, advice, and strategies to drive your wife wild, make her into the MILF you desire, visit my website by clicking here.

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