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Reflect, Re-Energize & Re-Kindle


While it is important to encourage you and your wife to grow, explore and create the sizzling experiences you both desire, sometimes achieving that calls for a bit of reflection and a “view from 30,000 feet”. In order to have the steamy exploits we all want, you have to REALLY understand communication and encourage each other’s psyche as well as libido.

Keep it fresh. Routines can give a couple comfort sense and predictability that’s both grounding and reassuring. But spontaneous adventures are also essential to really keeping that spark alive and igniting the passion you desire. Happy couples make a habit of mixing things up by planning weekend getaways to undiscovered destinations, saving money or going into business together to afford that dream vacation, or going to a sex store together. Having exciting or erotic anticipation to look forward to and sharing new titillating adventures together reaffirms their connectedness and refuels the romance.

Clear the decks. It is natural for any couple to havefrustrations, disappointments, and miscommunications from time to time. But if issues go on unspoken, they can pile up to a mountain of frustration and put your marriage at risk. Happy couples make sure they keep the communication open, and navigate those inevitable rough spots with honesty and mutual respect. If issues come up that seem too big or too complex to resolve between you two, schedule some sessions with a marriage counselor to sort out their feelings. IT isn’t scary at all and I guarantee, you’ll leave the session(s) feeling better!

Have a life.Maintaining individual identities and pursuing individual interests ensures that there’ll always be new things to share and to learn about each other. Dont’ be afraid to take separate vacations once in a while, take up divergent interests, or engage in heated political discussions. You are an individual and respecting ones individuality is very important.

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